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This explains better than I’ve ever been able to why America and the principles on which it was founded are so dear to my heart, and how I can be proud of what America was, but not what it is today.  I sincerely hope that we as a nation come to our senses and remember what our founding fathers wrought, and stop pissing on the system they so painstakingly created.

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Dear Internet

Jen cannot write a blog entry today because she is suffering from fractured thoughts and a general inability to compose a coherent sentence.  In addition, her daughter has not had enough sleep and is alternately getting out every toy she owns, thrusting books to be read in Jen’s face, and complaining of what appear to be phantom stomachaches (meaning crawling on the floor clutching her stomach when Jen is on the telephone and then flinging herself to and fro when Jen is trying to write.)  She also intermittently begins to fake cry that she misses ‘Mommy’s friend who begins with Rah,’ sometimes using random toys to stand in for her on the missing thing (bat misses R, duckie misses R, etc.)  This has been going on all day, and frankly it is simply too difficult for Jen to form a subject and write about it with any degree of clarity.  In addition, Jen has to go to the grocery store, digest the 85 tons of egg and salty meat she consumed today, and try to get a handle on the day-to-day things she was sanctioned to avoid when she had a houseguest.  Thank you.

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