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I’ve never been much of a Stephen King fan–not so much his writing as the genre.  Besides a brief stint in the wacky Vampyre (pronounced Wam-peer) book world, I’m not much of a sp00kster.  I was a bit surprised when I began reading On Writing and enjoyed it so much.  By far, my favorite line of the book thus far is, “Do you need someone to make you a paper badge with the word WRITER on it before you can believe that you are one?  God, I hope not.”

I would love to know if I will ever consider myself a writer without having to qualify the statement.  Aspiring writer?  Working towards being a writer?  Practicing to be a writer?  Am I a writer when I go to the pub to write?  When I complete a piece for submission?  When I attend a workshop or class?  When I’m reading about writing?  Or am I just a sort of tourist in the writing world?

When R was here, we tentatively agreed to do some sort of writing exercise exchange on an undetermined basis to get both of us in the habit of writing again.  This week’s topic is to write anything related to the process of writing–favorite places to write, longhand vs. typing, pens, etc.  I’ve written one draft about the pub where I go to write longhand every week, and another draft about writing every day and the sense of satisfication I derive from looking back at filled pages no matter what is on them.  The latter is a throwback to the comp book days of my teen years where filling a notebook was a triumph and when I felt comfortable calling myself a writer despite a lack of credentials beyond ‘able to fill a composition book with words.’  Maybe it really is as simple as all that; a writer writes.  An author publishes, an editor edits, but the writer?  All she has to do is get beyond the nagging doubts and put pen to paper or finger to keyboard.

I will totally forget this by tomorrow and be ripping my hair out again, but for right now?  Thanks, Steve.

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