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Let me level with y’all–I have twelve tattoos.  Yes, I love all of them.  No, I’ll probably not get any more.

Would I let my child play with a play tattoo artist kit?  Yes.  Would I compare it to letting my child play a pretend drinking or cigarette smoking game?  Dude, that’s just stupid.  However, I would let my child play with a pretend voting kit, which holds the same age requirement.  You now why?  Because voting, much like intelligent tattoo-getting, is not in any way, shape or form the equivalent to altering your body’s chemistry for the fuck of it.  Sure voting is more important, but seriously?  To compare pretending to give tattoos to smoking for the rush is sort of like not letting your kid play doctor because she might grow up to write herself narcotics prescriptions.

I’ve been highly disappointed with Blogging Baby for some time now.  I’ve gone back in hopes that it may regain some of the positives it held for me in the past.  Clearly it is not going in a direction that I can read regularly.  The bulk of the posts are either designed to yield quotes by controversy or completely out of touch with the day-to-days of my parenting experience, and the comments have followed suit.  It seems obvious to me that the readership that BB has carried for the past few years has been completely disregarded, and therefore I will take my toys and leave the sandbox to those who want it.

I’m sorry to see it go, but in honesty, the people I’ve met through it aren’t there anymore, and for the same reasons.  I’ll moss you more than you’ll miss me, Blogging Baby.

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