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I’m thankful for many things–family, good friends, emotional stability, and so forth. I’ve met a lot of wonderful people over the past year, both online and off, and have been fortunate to share experiences with them that help me learn and grow as a person. I’m very thankful for that, and for what they have taught me. Mostly, though, I’m thankful that I’ve been around a variety of people and do not live in fear of those who are different from me. There is too much fear as it is, and fear leads people to make or block decisions that affect people’s lives without being able to see the victims as humans instead of labels.

This is one of the outcomes of disallowing gay marriage, and I cried while I read this piece, both because it was written by my writing teacher and because it is only one of many similar stories. Most of all this Thanksgiving, I am thankful that she had the courage to write about an emotionally devastating experience with such clarity.

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