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Listen, guys, any of y’all what pray or whathaveyou…my grandfather is in an ambulance on the way to the hospital and I’m pretty well scared shitless.  He threw up and shat out very dark blood today, and what with all of the heart crap he’s gone through…thing is, nobody knows what it is and I’m bad with keeping a positive outlook and C is at class tonight and I’m here 200 miles away feeling pretty sorry for myself and for him and for my grandma and and and…

It’s rarely nothing with 83 year olds, but please let it be closer to nothing than really bad.    He has too many stories left to tell and I want to hear them all.

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3 Things Meme

I was tagged by Karen:

1.  3 Things that scare me:  Most social situations, death, fucking up

2.  3 People who make me laugh:  My husband, Lucy, Jon Stewart

3.  3 Things I love:  coffee, napping, great conversations

4.  3 Things I hate:   ignorance, tomatos, talking on the telephone
5.  3 Things I don’t understand:   the workings of the preschooler’s mind, neo-cons, people unwilling to listen

6.  3 Things on my desk:  Coffee, nosedrops, cards from Lucy

7.  3 Things I’m doing right now:   dreading litter scooping, waiting for Lucy to finish breakfast, sniffling

8.  3 Things I want to do before I die:  get published, go to an Arsenal match, finish college

9.  3 Things I can do:  punctuate like a motherfucker, ice skate, rant

10.  3 Things I can’t do:  ride a bike, take Lucy on the subway alone, cook

11.  3 Things I think you should listen to:  your gut, other people’s limits, Keith Olberman
12.   3 Things you should never listen to:  Boy bands post-New Kids, people who cut you down, the What-ifs

13.  3 Things I’d like to learn:  patience, cross country skiing, Russian

14.  3 Favorite foods:  quiche florentine, gorgonzola cheese, shepard’s pie

15.  3 Beverages I drink regularly:   Pellegrino, coffee, juice du jour

16.  3 Shows I watched as a kid:   The Addams Family, Muppet Show, 321 Contact

17.  3 People I’m tagging:   Thordora, Karrie, Venessa and anyone else who wants to.

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