Archive for November 30th, 2006

Now that NaBloPoMo is drawing to a close, I thought it might be fun to look back at what I did this month:

I was nominated for a Perfect Post.  R came  to town.  Nicole’s book of essays came out. I tried desperately to change the time setting from UTC to EST.  I wrote an excuse note and regained some optimism courtesy of Keith Olberman.  I entered Blogging for Books.  I rambled about Macaca.  I got into a political crap-throwing contest with my grandfather and then had a mini-breakdown about my father’s death.  I made everyone look at my cats.  I wrote about writing in general.  I wrote about writing a short story.  I made a virtual mixtape of high school.  I wrote about writing again.  I got my first rejection and tried to answer everyone’s Ronaldinho questions again.  The Flylady cheese.  Neighbors and Paddy Kenny needs new friends.  The olde blame the reader rant.  Driving 101 and Step Off goodness.  Fluff, immigration fluff and NaBlo reviews from Crushing Krisis.  The BB fake tattoo rant.  Lucy’s santa wish list.  My writing teacher’s essay.  Poison freaks me out.  I’m exhausted.  And cranky.  But I put up the Xmas tree!  I do a meme and my grandfather ends up in the hospital but he just has ulcers.  Then I totally cop out of a real entry by reviewing the entries I already wrote.


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