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Somebody Stop Me!

Remember last month? You know, when I was struggling mightily to do an entry a day for NaBlo? And the end of the month when I was all like, ‘This was crazy, yo?’

I signed up for Holidailies at Home this morning. Why, you ask? You know how zombies wander around on a singular quest for human flesh? Sometimes chanting ‘braaaaiiiiiiiins?’ I’ve turned into one of those zombies, only instead of ‘braaaaiiiiiiins,’ I find myself chanting ‘bloooooggggggg.’ Well, that and I honestly have gotten into the habit of posting every day. Plus this has writing prompts! That makes it easier, right?

So, without further ado, ‘Appreciating the smallest things.

We took Lucy to her annual cardiologist appointment yesterday. For those who may not know, she was born with a VSD which, although it does not affect her day-to-day life, will never close. We go in yearly to make sure that her heart is still functioning properly and that there are no complications from this condition. She will have to go to the cardiologist every year for the rest of her life, but other than that, her heart shows no signs of defect in its functioning. Perfect EKG, perfect blood pressure, perfect almost-4 year old stamina. Other than this 3mm hole, my daughter is perfect.

I don’t talk about Lucy’s defect very often because it’s really a non-factor at this point. We watch her more closely than others, sure, and she’s seen more of her own heart than most kids her age, but that little hole is just that–a little hole. I can’t say I appreciate this flaw in my baby’s heart, but I do appreciate what it’s taught us. 3mm is tiny in the scheme of life. This VSD is tiny in the scheme of life. Watching Lucy as she sings her ‘opera’ songs, or concentrates on painting, or tells one of her ‘mommy spider and baby’ stories, or whisks cheese into eggs, I can remember those terrifying first few months when we didn’t know how the hole would affect her or if she would need surgery. Now, close to four years later, it’s hard for me to think of the hole as a defect anymore. Lucy’s heart is perfect even with 3mm missing. There is nothing defective about her.

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