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I’m so bummed they don’t have an Arjen Robben one of these.  We were going to affix it to the floor of our entry hall. Maybe we can go with this one instead? Get it? Somewhere, right now, someone has made eye contact with Arjen Robben and he’s writhing on the ground? Har.  Wait, I have one for Ronaldo too–step over this, Cristiano!  Hear that?  It’s the sound of one hand clapping.  I can’t even applaud myself.  It would spice up our foyer, though.

Arsenal-Porto isn’t being broadcast here in the States until 5:00 so my job for the next few hours is to avoid checking any sort of scores so that I can see it firsthand. This, of course, means that I won’t want to see it. It’s pretty much guaranteed that any match that is televised is a horrible catastrophe (ok, it’s just a football loss not an actual disaster) to watch. Especially with the decimation of the back line and Adebayor’s somewhat spotty performances aside from the trouncing of Spurs. Off to pace, and maybe agonize through the Man Utd-Benfica match without peeking at the streaming results. Come on Arsenal.

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