Archive for December 14th, 2006

I can’t leave comments on blogger, had a shitload of trouble logging in here, and don’t think I did anything to fuck it up (this time.)

But on to more important things.  I have finished my Xmas shopping.  Next up is wrapping and then unloading it on unsuspecting relatives.  Or something like that.  I’m still waiting for my holiday spirit to show up.

C accidentally leaned on my bicep with his pointy old elbow and my right hand has been vaguely numb all day.  And I think I might have run a marathon in my sleep last night so my legs are all jelly.

Worst of all, Bean seems to have developed a keen interest in Barney, the Bush dog.  He jumped off the couch when Barney came on the Daily Show and followed his every move.  We’ve always worried about Lucy ending up a Republican but never thought to worry about The Bean 😉

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