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‘Look, Mommy, I’m throwing horns.’  She waggles her tongue between her fingers, and then says, ‘Now are you feeling better Mommy?’  Yes, sweetie, I really am.  Even my four year old is more metal than Lars.
After spending the day feeling extraordinarily sorry for myself while trying to get laundry done and slow the coughing child down to a paler blue streak, I pop onto Jonathan Carroll’s blog and find this.   It’s so nice to see that after umpteen beautiful books, he still finds gems about writing.  If you haven’t read anything of his, do so immediately.  I recommend Outside the Dog Museum and The Land of Laughs quite highly.

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I was going to say screaming ball of crank, but that implies more energy than I currently possess.

Last night I got up out of bed to get an extra pillow.  Needless to say, because I neglected to put my glasses on, I slipped on a wooden pulltoy and landed with my elbow, wrist and hip on the parquet floor.  That shit hurts.

I wake up this morning, and check my email to find that the dollhouse family I ordered has been cancelled.  Brilliant.

Then I check my other email to find that my FIL suggests we leave our house at 10AM on Christmas Day to come to his house.  No freaking way, dude.  I am not committing to getting a 4 year old her stocking, breakfast, and dressed for a visit by 10 in the morning. Do I sound a little scrooge-like?

So, here’s the real rundown.  C is in the middle of finals, which has thrown a big ole monkeywrench in the holiday preparations.  I have received in the post a grand total of 2 of the zillion things I ordered for presents.  C’s birthday is Xmas Eve.  What this means, roughly is this:

  • Any presents that don’t arrive on time, folks are going to have to wait for because I can’t get out to shop before Saturday and I am not shopping two days before Xmas, sorry.
  • Over the course of the week, we will have traipsed to a Hanukkah party in Manhattan, C’s birthday dinner in Jersey, Xmas Eve at the MIL’s, Xmas Day at the FIL’s in Jersey.  Which means that my desire to create a holiday tradition for our family at our house?  Sorry Jen.  Nobody cares about that but you.  Have fun with that.
  • Since the computer is centrally located in our living room, the likelihood of getting the place cleaned up enough to take pictures of Lucy while she opens her stocking in the 45 minutes we have set aside to do that is like nil.
  • My dreams of having a beautiful, festive, grown-up holiday wherein I am totally on top of everything and can sit back and enjoy the glories of the season or what-the-fuck-ever are pretty damn funny right now.
  • I spend most of every morning this week wanting to cry because somehow it’s all my fault and I’m being punished for something and nobody cares and oh poor me and I think next comes really bad poetry about how dark and bleak the world is.  Then I crown myself queen of drama and do the dishes.

I feel like the universe has reached out and melvined me and I just want to be jolly for a day, dammit.

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