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Friday was the great haul out for C’s birthday dinner, and let me tell ya–a restaurant where men bring meat on a stick to your table is heaven on earth.  Plus, buffet!  I’ve never eaten so much in my life.  Collard greens, empanadas, calamari, lamb, kebob, skirt steak, sausage, turkey wrapped in bacon.  Wash it down with a beer, and then top off with flan and a few sips of Cabernet.  It was as much meat as I eat in a month, but boy was it delicious.  Dear God.  All that was missing was a few nubile boys to feed me grapes while I reclined.

Lucy has recovered from her cold, which she thoughtfully passed on to C and I, so we’ve been keeping it pretty low-key around here.  My mom got C a few Monty Python movies for his b-day so we watched The Life of Brian last night which somehow I had never seen before.  We finally own The Holy Grail as well, so I think perhaps we’ll watch that tonight as we assemble the Prodigal Dollhouse.  Instant holiday spirit.

Today is the MIL’s for another meat glut with the Italian in-laws, and then tomorrow out for a low key lasagne glut with the atheist in-laws.  And then, Tuesday, is NOTHING.  I can’t wait for NOTHING.  I’m all about folks feeding me and entertaining my kid, but all I want to do is watch Python and blow my nose.

Whatever you’re celebrating, I hope you all have a glorious holiday with lots of goodies and love and peace.  So many of you have become an important part of my life that it feels kind of funny that I can’t invite you over for drinks and movies.

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