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Oh my goodness, I want one of everything from here!  There are a bunch of cool things about being pregnant, but for sure the best has to be looking at all the cool stuff that’s out there.  I’d make such a crappy minimalist.

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Workshop starts up again on May 7th, and I’ve done a whole crapload of nothing.  Like, really nothing.  I have no idea what I want to write about, what I should write about, if I have anything to write about.  Yup, Jack and Shit.

To be quite honest, I’m feeling a bit of pressure about the whole thing.  See, I won’t be able to do workshop in the fall on account of, you know, spawning.  The last time I took a big break from writing, it ended up about as well as the semester I took off from college back in, oh, 1992.  If someone is not giving me a deadline, I will not write.  I have a million excuses and I’m not afraid to use them.  Trust me, I’ve been putting off writing for as long as I could hold a pen.

Actually, at this point I’m just hoping there’s space left in workshop for me to stress about it.  Nothing wrong with a little preemptive freaking out–saves time later.  Plus, it made me get off my ass and do something I should have done  months ago but had to go and get all whiny baby about:  submitted the piece again.  It’s not even so much that I feel I have to get it published, but I really do have to stop avoiding submitting stuff because, really, nothing more counterproductive than that.  So, yeah, that’s that.

Now, somebody give me something to write about because I’m stuck in baby-brain-land.  Or at least tell me I’m not totally dried up, because I’m sort of starting to get nutty about the whole thing.  Not in an endearing sort of way, in a really needy, justify-me sort of way and nobody likes that.

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I heard back this morning that there is in fact space left in our neighborhood CSA!  I’m filling out the app and sending it in this morning, and in two weeks we should be getting our first box of veg.  Between the CSA for fruit and veggies, local milk, and a grocery within reasonable walking distance that carries free-range meats and eggs, there’s a good chance we’ll be able to do most of our eating sustainably this summer.  Which rules.  I’m salivating over the thought of fresh peaches and berries already!  I do want to get Lucy to a Greenmarket or two this summer, but it’s so damn hard to lug back groceries, pregnant, on the subway with a small child.  I am a little nervous about having to carry the CSA share from the pick-up point once I start getting bigger and it starts getting hotter, but it’s worth it.  Now how to pass the time between now and then…

I’m definitely starting to feel the urgency of getting ready for baby, early as it may be.  If only I could get stuff done now and have it last until October, I’d be one happy mama.  In addition to approaching near-obsession with the CSA, I somehow managed to buckle down and get ALL of my laundry done on Thursday.  6 loads worth, all done.  Laundry baskets empty for a glorious few hours before the days’ outfits were chucked.  I swear, if we didn’t have to use a shared laundry room I’d make everyone strip before I did laundry, just to have it all done at one time for once. I also managed to get all of it put away save what was air-drying (which is still spread throughout the apartment but it doesn’t count, right?)  I know nobody cares about my laundry, but this is such a major feat for me.  I never have all of my laundry done, and in fact have moved apartments with dirty laundry in bins.  That’s how huge this is.

What else…aw, the hell with it.  I’m going to drag Lucy out to window shop for baby clothes and maybe pick up another geranium, and then maybe we can have a picnic on the balcony.

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Man, it’s tough taking side view pictures of oneself.

The Bump (and my horrible posture) at 13 weeks:

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The monsters are coming!

5 am yesterday. We’re in the living room, Lucy is sobbing hysterically, has been awake for 5 hours. Me, 2 hours. C has not slept yet. Trying desperately, again, to figure out why the mid-night wakie-wakie.

‘I was watching for Monsters.’

Dig out ‘Monster Spray’ (aka some Elizabeth Arden perfume my MIL gave me that I never wore totally forgot about and recently unearthed in the Great Bathroom Clear-out.) Spray around bed. Gag and cough. Lucy ends up back in bed with us.

Yesterday, 11:30 am. Lucy and I are walking to the Good Grocery. She brings up the monster-watching from the night before.

‘Mommy, I was watching for the balloon monster. Do you know who the balloon monster is, mommy? When you’re having a party and you need balloons you call him and he brings balloons for the party. I was waiting for him but he didn’t come. I was afraid he was going to think we were having a party and come while I was sleeping and he couldn’t leave balloons if I was sleeping.’ Ah, yes, the midnight party excuse. ‘I’ll call him tonight before I go to bed and tell him he can’t come around in the middle of the night because I’m sleeping. I’ll call him on my little pink toy cell phone and say ‘Balloon Monster, you can’t come around in the middle of the night because I have to sleep, ok?’

And, sure enough, a call was placed to Balloon Monster after dinner to explain the hours we keep here. It was touch and go for a minute when Lucy got Balloon Monster’s voice mail, but not to worry. Balloon Monster’s mommy gave him the message. And, at bedtime, I remembered to run from the room before the Monster Spray smell hit me. And the night’s sleep was truly blissful.   eta (because I have pregnant brain and forgot before):  Lucy stayed dry overnight without a Pull-up for the first time last night!  This may explain the staying up a little better than the Balloon Monster, no?
Today, this is running through my head on constant loop.

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“We, of course, already know that when Cheney endorses a war, he exempts himself from participation. On second thought, maybe it’s wise to keep Cheney off the battlefield — he might end up shooting his comrades rather than the enemy.”

If the Democratic Party is in fact returning to the politics of McGovern, it is the wisest thing it can do. The whole damn thing has been downhill since he lost to Nixon in ’72.

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Happy Earth Day!

I like to think we do our part for the environment around these parts.  We recycle religiously, use Green Power, don’t own a car, use natural cleansers.  When we renovated the apartment we used cork for the kitchen floor , our faucets all have low-flow aerators, and all of our appliances are Energy Star.  The bulk of our high-ticket items in the house like furniture and electronics are hand-me-downs.  Cloth shopping bags, check.  CFLs, check.  Buying organic, check, and local when we can (my other Earth Day resolution is to make a concerted effort to buy more local goods).  And so, I am pleased to announce that today, in honor of Earth Day and inspired by Radical Mama’s composting tips, I ordered  a worm bin (thanks to Thor as well for the recommendation).

I am so freaking excited!  And to justify actually making compost, Lucy and I picked out some new plants–2 flats of petunias and a lovely pink geranium.  I’m going to make the balcony into a lush vegetative paradise if it kills me!

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