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It’s funny…as I have spoken to people about the 90% reduction project, some really seem to think that such a reduction is impossible.  To be honest, I don’t know if it’s possible for this household to reach 90% reduction, and even if we do in the categories in which we’re participating, that still leaves the 3 that I am unable to track (natural gas, heating oil, water.)  Nonetheless, I feel as though it’s certainly worth an attempt, if for no other reason than to see where we end up.  It is a fun experiment (when I’m not banging my head into a wall) and no matter how many people seem to think that we’re trying to do too much, I am entirely convinced that to NOT try would be, for me, not doing enough.  With that said, here are the July numbers which I am entirely not thrilled with.

  • gas:  22.9 gal. (81% reduction)
  • electricity:   306 kwh (hydro and wind–91% reduction)
  • garbage:   133.9 lbs (68% reduction)
  • recycling:  75.2 lbs (82% reduction)
  • food local:  63%
  • food bulk:  2%
  • food  wet:  35%

I have not included consumer goods on here because it would take a miracle for me to make that goal.  I’m still tracking it for myself, but I’m already at $1386.68 for the year when my personal goal was $1875 (I was never going for a full 90% reduction here.)  I guess overall it isn’t that terrible, but I would rather be looking at some smaller numbers.  What can I say–I’m a bit of a perfectionist.

I am happy with our food numbers–two weeks of the month saw local food percentage at around 36% so to end up at 63% for the month is awesome.  This is due in most to a weekly trip to the Union Square Greenmarket for breads and meats.  We’re going to continue this as long as I can still haul myself to and back, which will hopefully be right up until I pop.  I am also quite pleased to say that my mom has found a CSA near her and is planning on signing up next summer!  Awesomeness.  I am also pleased with our electricity.  We’ve had the a/c on for a few days this month and fans on for the rest and yet our electric only rose by around 50kwh for the month.  Last year this month saw us up over 900kwh, so we’re definitely on the right track!

Other changes that aren’t reflected in the numbers:

  • still averaging one dryer load per week or so (towels and sheets) and all wash cycles still on cold.
  • all water from fruit and veggie-washing is saved in a stock pot and used to water non-edible plants
  • we’re taking cooler, shorter showers and sponge-bathing when possible!
  • my pepper plant has 3 little pepper-ettes coming and my heirloom tomato has a bright green tomato!
  • I’ve gotten the ok from C to switch from clay litter to Feline Pine!
  • I think my worm bin is almost ready for its first harvest.
  • We’ve made the decision to cloth diaper and I’m really excited about it!
  • Despite our egregiously large trash numbers, our freezer is almost completely bare of convenience foods–it’s all food scrap for the worm bin, bags of ice and old cooking oil.  And a pint of Haagen Dazs.  Oh, and candy but that’s all Lucy’s 😉

August, on the other hand…I’m not sure how I’m going to track.  We have 5 days at the in-laws (no control over food, trash, etc.) and then another 5 at my mom’s (slightly more control but still nothing like being at home with the CSA and Greenmarket.)  I guess I’ll have to wait until we’re in the middle of it to know if I can make it even slightly accurate.

Ten days ’til my birthday!  I think this year I’m officially old.

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