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Look!  Two blogs in one day!  WOuld any of you be surprised if I told you about the jackhammer across the street?  Woohoo!

1. The obvious-have you picked a name yet?!!!

We think so, but for some reason I’m not ready to share yet.  I’m terribly superstitious and have trouble committing so I think I just need to make sure neither C nor I change my mind and to get used to using it to refer to the baby.  I had the same trouble when we named Lucy, and after a few weeks of repeating it in my head, I couldn’t imagine any other name.

2. You’re getting pretty hippy dippy greenie. 🙂 What’s driving you? Is there one thing, or many?

Back in high school I liked to refer to myself as a post-punk neo-hippy so I guess it’s more coming back to a part of myself that I forget from time to time 😉

Every once in a while since Lucy was born, I get a wild hare up my butt and go nuts with the green-ness.  It started with organics and Seventh Generation diapers and wipes while we were still living out in Brooklyn, and then when we renovated and then moved into this apartment, I was in the first big upswing of ‘green’ and so out went chemical cleansers and in came cork tile, Energy Star, Green Power and CFLs.  I hit a sort of stagnation point until I got pregnant again, which coincided nicely with Radical Mama’s Earth Day posts and the realization that I was feeling like we weren’t doing enough because there was more we could do.  It was the decision to sign up for the CSA, inspired by Kind of Crunchy Mama, that tipped me over the edge, I think.

I suppose the short answer is that pregnancy turns me into Nature Mama but what fun are short answers?

3. Name your favorite visual artist, and why.

Oh this one is hard.  For years, I was hugely partial to Francis Bacon.  I can’t remember if it was in NYC or Kansas City that I saw one of his paintings in person, but I was completely mesmerized by the texture of the paint coupled with the contortion of the figure.  This was, of course, in my tortured teen years.

Nowadays I’m partial to, in no particular order, Joan Miro for his shapes which just sort of hit me in a way I can’t really explain, Jean Cocteau’s little doodly drawings (I carry a picture of Cocteau with Picasso in my wallet) and Chagall.  Aside from Cocteau, these are subject to change without notice 😛

4. What did you want to be when you grew up?

A writer.  More than anything.  Except for a brief window when I was 3 or 4 when I wanted to be a cat and other brief periods in 8th/9th grades when I considered being a lawyer or a lobbyist.  *shudder*

5. Courtney Love-Nutbag or tragic widow?

I met a guy in a bar one night who was bragging about being her dealer and pulled out a check she had written to him.  That pretty much cemented my opinion of her.  No doubt having your husband commit suicide makes you a tragic widow, and I’ve done my fair share of trying not to judge her, but honestly?  She irritates the piss out of me.  I never really got her as Grand Female Role model, I always thought Hole pretty well sucked, and the whole tragic widow thing only goes so far before you need to get yourself cleaned up and get help.  I’ve always felt absolutely horrible for Frances.

I think she’s a Nutbag Extraordinaire, albeit a tragic nutbag.

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Our apartment has been hit by insomnia.  Namely Lucy’s night-waking, which means, of course, that I am now awake as well. A few hours ago, when she first came into Big Beddy with us, I was concerned about the cause.  Hereabouts I just want to be able to unclench everything long enough to fall back asleep.  Again.  Seeing as that doesn’t seem to be very likely, I have unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, eaten half a bag of chips with onion dip, and debated running away from home at least half a dozen times.  Really, after 6 nights in a row of nobody getting enough sleep (this is the worst by far but it’s been building) I’m not nicey nice mommy anymore.  Now I’m cranky, bitter, overtired mommy and I hate being that mommy.   I want to be the one to help Lucy through whatever is troubling her, but between the hours of midnight and 3:30 with a child who insists that all she needs is to cuddle me when we’ve already had an hour and a half of half-cuddling, half-tossing and turning (her, not me) with no sleep forthcoming?  It’s hard to help when everybody is too exhausted to think straight.  And it’s doubly hard when you know that *something* woke the kid up but it could be anything from a bad dream to just having to pee and the kid can’t seem to tell you if she’s scared or upset or just can’t get herself back to sleep.  And then there’s the whole if it’s the latter, what can I do for her?  I can’t sleep for her and I can’t help her if she can’t tell me what’s keeping her awake.  She eats no refined sugar, watches no tv before bed and drinks only water and milk so it’s something head-related, and she gets so wound up if she doesn’t get her way that she totally melts down.
It’s so hard having a kid who is smart enough to make you forget that she’s still only 4.  And it is doubly hard when that kid doesn’t get enough sleep to think straight.  I’m going to give the old sleep thing one more try and hope (for everyone’s sake) that my kid doesn’t come trotting in at daybreak, because I don’t think either of us can handle that.  It is so freaking frustrating.

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