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We’ve been back for a few days but my brain still isn’t all here.  Everything alive survived our absence, and aside from three inches of crusty carpet to vacuum, the house was pretty ok.  I’m even mostly unpacked!

Had my glucose screen yesterday and the chick who took my blood must’ve rushed because I have this nasty blood bruising crap on one side and regular bruising by the vein which rendered me dizzy and nauseous at the sight of it when I removed the band-aid this morning.  I’m usually much better with blood and boo-boos but this one is really freaking gross.  I’m betting my bloodwork will come back showing low iron and am debating just getting the Floradix and trying to acclimate.  I was borderline anemic last pregnancy, so it would figure.  The doctor I saw (it’s rotation time!) is the one who bugs me out for reasons I’m not entirely ready to write about yet and fuck if I’m able to write about it without being terribly cryptic but it was otherwise a pretty easy visit.  I didn’t gain as much weight this past month as the one prior and she just wants me to keep total gain under 35 lbs (I’ve gained 27 so far which would be a bigger deal to me had I not also quit smoking a month before I got pregnant.)  Everything else seems to be progressing normally, so aside from random crying jags and leg cramps and nesting/follow-up exhaustion we’re golden.

Speaking of nesting, I finally sat down to figure out what all we need to get before baby gets here and the list is far shorter than I expected, which is very  nice.  Mostly just newborn-size cloth diapers, an outfit for coming home from the hospital, and bibs/socks/hats/sweaters.  I don’t really remember using sweaters that often for Lucy so I may skip those entirely.  I did up a quick (and expensive) Hanna Andersson order for baby and Lucy who needed clothes for school.  I had planned on second-handing it but I just get too hot walking around with packages and the subway platforms are a killer in the heat too.  I also got some hats and socks for baby, plus matching bats and spiders pajamas for him and Lucy!  The cute could kill, I’m telling ya.
What else.  Fuck if I know.  I’m just tired and hungry all the time, or at least until the sun goes down and I get all dreamy about the baby.  It hit me last night that we only have a little over 2 months to go and, while it panics me on the getting ready end, I can’t wait.  Other than that, if you need me I’m probably in bed or wishing I was.

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One of the best side-effects of C’s anthropologifyin’ is that I get to learn about all sorts of stuff I never knew I didn’t know.  Like Thor Heyerdahl.  Kind of cool, no?  This is what I was reading about at eleven last night.  Then we talked about labor choices, and then I collapsed, ragdoll-like shortly after midnight.  Strangely enough, I awoke at 6:30 refreshed and ready to face the day.  I expect this to feeling to be replaced by my requisite exhaustion somewhere around half an hour before we get off the train at my IL’s.

Yes, today does in fact begin the marathon of family visits.  Unlike old Thor, we will be taking the train approach rather than balsa raft.  Train East, Train West, Train South, and finally Train North with a handful of hours in between spent doing whatever it is that people do when on vacation or recovering thereof.  I am especially excited for the day-and-change between West and South where I can water the plants, do laundry, dig through mail and change the cat litter.  Actually, the more I complain about it the more I realize that it’s really only the in transit time that I’m dreading.  Nonetheless, complain I do.  It’s like an illness, I tell ya.

I am also dreading having to shave my legs.  I’ve been doing a totally half-assed job just to give the appearance of trying, but with the whole having to wear a bathing suit thing mixed with the whole ‘I can’t really reach my legs without a struggle’ thing and then adding on the whole ‘these glasses are so not for show’ aspect of the project, and I’m wishing I had a modesty suit.  Because, really, hanging around a swimming pool with a dozen of your spouse’s relatives when you haven’t shaved in an eon is not my favorite thing.  My family knows I’m not big into shaving, but for some reason it makes me really self-conscious around people who I haven’t known my whole life.

Anyway, I’ll be spending the next indeterminate amount of time jockeying for computer time with 75 other people and/or avoiding it entirely, elbowing people who insist on trying to shove in front of me while boarding or debarking from trains, and trying not to lose the tenuous grip on both reality and my sense of humor while starting the countdown to the Birthdays of Doom Weekend wherein I turn 34 the day before my brother turns *gasp* 18.  I can’t believe that little motherfucker is going to be a legal adult and force me to admit that I’m no longer a hip, cool, young person.  Bastard.

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It’s funny…as I have spoken to people about the 90% reduction project, some really seem to think that such a reduction is impossible.  To be honest, I don’t know if it’s possible for this household to reach 90% reduction, and even if we do in the categories in which we’re participating, that still leaves the 3 that I am unable to track (natural gas, heating oil, water.)  Nonetheless, I feel as though it’s certainly worth an attempt, if for no other reason than to see where we end up.  It is a fun experiment (when I’m not banging my head into a wall) and no matter how many people seem to think that we’re trying to do too much, I am entirely convinced that to NOT try would be, for me, not doing enough.  With that said, here are the July numbers which I am entirely not thrilled with.

  • gas:  22.9 gal. (81% reduction)
  • electricity:   306 kwh (hydro and wind–91% reduction)
  • garbage:   133.9 lbs (68% reduction)
  • recycling:  75.2 lbs (82% reduction)
  • food local:  63%
  • food bulk:  2%
  • food  wet:  35%

I have not included consumer goods on here because it would take a miracle for me to make that goal.  I’m still tracking it for myself, but I’m already at $1386.68 for the year when my personal goal was $1875 (I was never going for a full 90% reduction here.)  I guess overall it isn’t that terrible, but I would rather be looking at some smaller numbers.  What can I say–I’m a bit of a perfectionist.

I am happy with our food numbers–two weeks of the month saw local food percentage at around 36% so to end up at 63% for the month is awesome.  This is due in most to a weekly trip to the Union Square Greenmarket for breads and meats.  We’re going to continue this as long as I can still haul myself to and back, which will hopefully be right up until I pop.  I am also quite pleased to say that my mom has found a CSA near her and is planning on signing up next summer!  Awesomeness.  I am also pleased with our electricity.  We’ve had the a/c on for a few days this month and fans on for the rest and yet our electric only rose by around 50kwh for the month.  Last year this month saw us up over 900kwh, so we’re definitely on the right track!

Other changes that aren’t reflected in the numbers:

  • still averaging one dryer load per week or so (towels and sheets) and all wash cycles still on cold.
  • all water from fruit and veggie-washing is saved in a stock pot and used to water non-edible plants
  • we’re taking cooler, shorter showers and sponge-bathing when possible!
  • my pepper plant has 3 little pepper-ettes coming and my heirloom tomato has a bright green tomato!
  • I’ve gotten the ok from C to switch from clay litter to Feline Pine!
  • I think my worm bin is almost ready for its first harvest.
  • We’ve made the decision to cloth diaper and I’m really excited about it!
  • Despite our egregiously large trash numbers, our freezer is almost completely bare of convenience foods–it’s all food scrap for the worm bin, bags of ice and old cooking oil.  And a pint of Haagen Dazs.  Oh, and candy but that’s all Lucy’s 😉

August, on the other hand…I’m not sure how I’m going to track.  We have 5 days at the in-laws (no control over food, trash, etc.) and then another 5 at my mom’s (slightly more control but still nothing like being at home with the CSA and Greenmarket.)  I guess I’ll have to wait until we’re in the middle of it to know if I can make it even slightly accurate.

Ten days ’til my birthday!  I think this year I’m officially old.

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