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I’m Going to Miss You, Mommy

Aw, baby, I’m gonna miss you too.
I woke up hours early with that feeling I used to get on the first day of school.  I laid in bed waiting, finally falling back asleep about an hour before the alarm went off.  Soon after, Lucy came in with both bunnies and climbed in between C and me, and asked, ‘Why are you smiling so much, Mommy?’  ‘Because I’m so proud of you and how big you’re getting.’
My big girl is on her way to school.  I reread the school handbook this morning and am again convinced that this is the right place for her to be, and so I am going to drown my sorrows in a chocolate donut and the rest of my coffee before I hunker down to work.  3:00 cannot come soon enough; I want to hear everything about everything.  Strangely, I don’t want to cry this morning.  I want Lucy to feel the excitement that I used to feel year after year, of new school clothes and pencil cases and Elmer’s School Glue and the crabapples on the sidewalk where we walked.  No matter how much I felt left out or teased by my classmates, no matter how much the idea of meeting new teachers made me sick to my stomach, underneath it all was the feeling that this year anything could happen.  I still get that feeling every year as August turns into September, even a decade and a half after the last time I began school, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Lucy, I hope your teachers are caring, your classmates are friendly and kind, and most of all, that you always love learning as much as you do today.  Because if anyone takes that away from you?  They’ll have to answer to me for it.

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