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I have decided that I am ready to start Lucy on cloth TP here at home.  She had expressed interest when I was first setting up for the challenge but never brought it up again so I’ll see what she thinks now.  I have some old sheets that are too banged up to donate, so I’ll wash those tomorrow and she can have some swank zebra striped TCs!  Turns out that the washcloth method just frays no matter what I do short of sewing, so I’ll be breaking out the sewing kit after all.  Or else using them for rags, which is probably much much easier.  I am still on the fence about using cloth for #2 but expect to have made my decision by Monday.
I woke up this morning at 5:45 and it was really strange to realize I hadn’t been up for hours.  Nice, but strange.  Turns out I woke up with a mountain of mucous, so I’ll be keeping an eye on that because I can’t deal with being sick right now.  Hell, I just regained my sense of humor this morning.   After all this time waiting, it’s still catching me a bit off guard to realize I’m due in a bit over a month.  I’d marvel at the way my brain is working except I can’t figure it out 🙂

We skipped the CSA pick-up last night and I’m really glad we did.  I just really can’t walk that far without discomfort.  I’ll try to make it next week though, because without that our local food numbers are crap.  I’m going to try to talk C into going to the Union Square market with me this weekend to try to make up some of the difference though.  I had sort of figured that I’d go-go-go until October hit, but it’s looking more and more like that ain’t happening.

Tomorrow:  Pictures!  That’s the plan anyway.  Of the pile of stuff to donate, the cloth dipe stash, the hugenormous belly and maybe even the cloth TP set-up if I get the schmancy ones cut up.  I feel compelled to blog every day but my brain sort of goes skipping off in twelve different directions as soon as I sit down so it seems as though my ‘ooh shiny’ mindset is better suited to things that are, well, shiny.  Plus I have to come up with a list of the donation stuff to be picked up so I’ll have to pull it all out anyway.  I’m pretty excited about having a concrete list of how many boxes and bags we’re getting rid of.  Chalk it up to my years in bookkeeping, but I do so love putting numbers in boxes.

As for right now, I need something to use as hankies because it’s pretty damn silly to give up toilet paper only to have to use it to blow my nose.

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