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For the past 4 years, my mother in law has been trying to get C and I to swap our lovely, teak framed couch for the sleeper sofa from her tv room.  Every couple of months or so, she’d ask if we were ready yet, and every couple of months we’d try and come up with a polite way of saying ‘no, really,  we have designed the entire living room around this couch and are really quite satisfied with its performance thankyouverymuch.’

And then earlier this year, the unthinkable happened.  Well, not so unthinkable for a wood-framed couch that was purchased from a chain store in the 70’s but we were a little bummed, although in truth I had been worrying about having said sofa with a baby (in the old apartment we were able to jam it between 2 larger pieces so that the huge wood arms weren’t so much of a hazard but we had already lived through a Lucy scare in the new where she tripped and banged her nose into the frame.)

And so we bit the proverbial bullet and mentioned to the MIL that, should they still be looking to rid themselves of their sofa, we would be needing one after all.  After the dance of joy subsided (I could hear it over the phone, I swear) we started making the necessary arrangements.  She would have the new sofa designed, and when it was finished the old would be delivered.  Of course, this would necessitate new chairs as well, and so we would be receiving the old ones, which are quite possibly my favorite chairs ever.  And so I did my own dance of joy and all was well.

Over the next few months, we tried to hammer out details as best we could due to my need to know that the old sofa would not end up as landfill fodder (hello, teak!) and likewise my need to know when everything is happening as far in advance as possible in order to maximize the time I can spend stressing out about it.  The end of July was the best estimate, and so our schedule was arranged as best as possible to accommodate.  No sofa.  August.  No sofa.

Which brings us here to the end of September.  This Wednesday, barring appearance of any of the horsemen of the apocalypse, we will be receiving our brand-spanking-new-to-us sleeper sofa as well as The Best Chairs In The World.  We have a delivery window set up.  I have the phone number of the people who will be delivering said sofa and TBCITW.  We are moving the old sofa out and steam-cleaning the carpet behind it today in preparation.  And I am, dare I admit, excited.  Not waiting for 6 months excited, mind you, but at least not quite so upset that July was a no-go.

Couple that with the coming removal of a metric ton of crap we don’t need anymore (including half of my wardrobe *gasp*) and the imminent completion of Lucy’s dresser-putting-together extravaganza, and I’m feeling pretty ok about being ready for the baby to get here.  It suddenly doesn’t even matter that I haven’t set up a pick-up time for the truck or that I can’t walk more than a step into my closet for all the boxes or even that we may be living with an extra couch for an indefinite period of time.  I am less disappointed that my potting soil and cannisters still aren’t here (although I do have to email True Value and find out WTF is going on with those.)  I am going to be able to lounge on a couch and watch tv for the last month of my pregnancy without needing a crane to get me up!  And it will be good that my mom will have a place to sleep when she comes up to help out when the baby gets here, but that’s all the way next month and therefore not nearly so exciting.

Ok, I lied, I’m still a little peeved about the potting soil.

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