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I’ve not taken the time over the past few weeks to enter all of my reduction numbers for the month. Frankly, they’ve been high again and I’m feeling like, rather than this being a progressive reduction, I’ve stagnated and possibly even that things are getting worse. Part of this is a result of huge trash numbers (part of getting stuff together to donate has involved coming across some things that are in too bad condition to donate or, in one case, were covered with bugs. Incredibly disgusting, as well as 10+ pounds of trash. ) I feel like, even not counting that load of trash, our garbage has gotten completely out of control. I don’t know what we’re throwing away, but I have an idea that it’s mostly packaging. It feels sometimes like no matter how much we’ve cut down on processed and packaged foods, we still end up with a crapload of package trash. Can that even be?

Our mileage has been good for the most part. I’m not going anywhere but doc’s appointments and that’s all subway anyhow. Lucy is only in a car when her grandma picks her up, and both times this month have been super-local trips. Her school is so close as to be almost negligible, and only C takes and picks her up.
Unfortunately, this is hardly a feel-good area for me as we’ve always been really low in this category.

Our local/wet food ratio has also been pretty crap since I skipped CSA last week. I’d like to be less dependent on it, but at this point it’s really hard. This is the area I fear the most at this point; as I get closer to the baby being born and even after, it’s going to be very hard for me to do the walk, even with the cart to help out. I don’t have anyone to help me with the pick up (C has class) and I have no access to a vehicle so it’s either walk or don’t get it. That’s a pretty tough pill to swallow at this point. Maybe I’ll take a stab at Greenmarket next week to help out. It’s still a lot of walking but less trying now that it isn’t 8 million degrees.

Consumer spending has also been better, since we’ve not bought any furniture this month. First week was mostly school supplies and prenatal vitamins plus canning stuff, second was a mix of some maternity and some Lucy Halloween/dress-up plus supplies for planting and storing bulk food (still not here, grrrr) while last week my only purchase was a set of shears for cutting up TC and hankies. It helps that we have everything we need for the baby at this point. Or at least mostly. I’m a little nervous about the number of cloth dipes being enough, and I’m torn between using the prefolds as burp cloths to start out and getting burp cloths. I also don’t know if I should go ahead and order the glass bottles I want to get for pumping or if I should wait and see how bf-ing works out this time around. I’ll probably wait so that I don’t jinx myself. But other than that, we’re pretty well ready.

I’ve managed to get together 12 boxes, 7 bags, a suitcase full of bags, and several pieces of furniture for donation. I sure wish I could count this off of my consumer goods or garbage totals for the year 😦

Actually, mostly I just wish I could be happy with what I’ve accomplished without having to list it all out here. I always feel better after these posts, or after I look at the tidy row of items checked off and highlighted on my to-do lists, but I would really like to feel satisfied without having to recount everything I’ve done. Sometimes it makes me wonder if I’m truly doing it for myself or if I’m just trying to do what I think I should be doing. I think (and hope) it’s the former, but there’s really a fine line sometimes between trying to be honest about one’s misgivings and being self-deprecating for the purpose of bragging without sounding like an ass. I really do have these misgivings, I swear, and I’m really not doing the reduction for attention either.

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