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Isn’t it ironic that this time a few weeks ago I was freaking out about getting everything done in time, and now I’m complaining about not wanting to get things done in time. I am a sheer delight.

I woke up this morning completely dreading my midwife appointment.  About halfway there, I noticed that Baby X had not been engaging in his usual feats of acrobatics.  Proceeded to fixate on said lack of movement.  Ended up hooked to fetal monitor only to find that Baby was in fact moving around like crazy, I just couldn’t feel it.  That, my friends, is a strange realization.  They gave me an ultrasound to check my fluids (perfect) and to weigh him (6lbs.)  Looks like he’ll be around 7 1/2 lbs, which completely allayed my fears that I  might be carrying Monster Baby.  He refused to allow viewing of his face, but I can confirm that his feet are long and narrow like his sister’s and father’s.

I would complain about having to haul up for the CSA pick-up but frankly, I’m still a little too floaty from seeing mah baby.  Plus I had a nummy bacon cheeseburger for lunch, and we’re getting a baby punkin tonight!  Punkins make everything better.

I’ll leave y’all with the month of September Riot for Austerity numbers. Just because I might as well put all of the ick out there.

  • gas: 8.2 gal
  • garbage: 261.1 lbs (couch was beyond repair. not happy but it is what it is.)
  • recycling: 62.1 lbs
  • electricity: 355 kwh
  • consumer goods: 574.50
  • food local: 52%
  • food bulk: 2%
  • food wet: 45%

Here’s the thing, though. I honestly do not know how our numbers are going to get any lower. Obviously, we will not have an extra 100 lbs of trash for the next months, but we now only have 9.6 lbs remaining for the rest of the year. This means that either I refigure our goals based on adding a 4th member, or we simply cannot make the 90% reduction. We are already way over in consumer goods which I knew was going to happen so no harm no foul. Our electricity…I don’t know why we were so high. We have things on power strips, I’ve been sweating balls without a/c all month, and the only lights that are left on for extended periods of time are CFLs. We used 100kwh more in September than in June and I can’t tell you what we did differently. I’m truly baffled. We’ll make our goal for the year I’m sure, but it really bugs me that I don’t know where this usage is coming from. And then there are the food totals. Without the CSA, we simply cannot make the 70% local food goal. That’s all there is to it. I do not know what we’re going to do over the winter (or when I am unable to walk to the pick-up.) C has class on Tuesday night and I don’t have a car. I’m really at a loss. I mentioned before how dependent on the CSA we are, and it’s even more apparent now. Nobody said it was going to be easy, but the further we get into the year, the more I’m feeling like I didn’t fully think through the commitment.  I know I kept saying that I didn’t expect to make the full 90% reduction, but the truth is, I’m super-competitive and slightly obsessive when it comes to reaching set goals.  I’m hoping that this has just been a bad month and that once we get through October I’ll feel a little less like I’m spinning my wheels.

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