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No Baby Yet

As I said in the comments of the prior post, the newest estimation from my midwife is early next week.  50% effaced, 1 cm dilated, and the baby is really low (unusually low for a 2nd)  which is probably why I’m feeling so much pressure and discomfort.

I’m not quite to the point of walking around the neighborhood whilst stimulating my nipples but talk to me again on Sunday night and I may have a different answer (or else avoid being out in my neighborhood if you’re offended by nipple-stimulating, muttering-to-self pregnant women).

While the ultrasound tech the other week estimated his weight at around 7.5 lbs if I go to 40 weeks, I was asked today if I feel like this one is significantly larger than Lucy.  I would be freaked out by this except my gut tells me that as long as he’s within 1-2 lbs of Luce (6 lbs 7 oz), I’ll be ok.  How’s that for a shift in perspective?

Anywho, I have to finish proofing the shorter document, find something vegetable-related to eat to counteract the bacon cheeseburger I ate for lunch*, figure out what to buy Lucy’s cousin for his birthday, get a package ready to go out, and have a staring contest with the Bean before Lucy gets home from her Very!First!Field Trip!  Thankfully I made it to pick up the farm share last night and therefore have enough veggies to feed a small army of veggie-eating folks.  I dunno, that seemed funnier in my head somehow.  Still haven’t made the soup.  Tomorrow, I swear.  I may even take pictures.  Speaking of which, I’ll put up the latest big ol’ preggo belly pic whenever I can con my husband into plugging in the camera USB cord.  I’m really big, man.  Like ‘my maternity pants are tight’ big.

*I went here for lunch and while I did not witness any plates flying around, the basement (where the bathroom is located) does have a rather creepy feel to it. 

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