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I almost cried with relief, even though I was trying to be calm.  Man, baby poop is gross.  Still, I’m relieved because this means officially that breastfeeding is working, which means the world to me.

Hey, I need to procure a sling so I  can give my aching arms a break from dead-weight baby who doesn’t like to be put down ever.  Does anyone have a kind that they loved that is also good for newborns?  I got a mei tai before he was born but it seems kind of like  a pain to tie on.

It’s Halloween!  I’m off to eat Kit Kats    breakfast.  I’ll get pics of the kids in costume before we go trick or treating.

BTW, 90% reduction is on hiatus for the last week+.  I’ll resume tracking tomorrow, and maybe can go back and get ballpark figures once Chico starts sleeping more.  Yes, we are calling the baby Chico, sometimes Cheeks, or as Lucy prefers, Cheeky.  Overheard on Monday after school–Lucy’s classmate comes running out of the building and up to her mother, exclaiming, ‘Lucy’s baby is named Chico!’

Boob watch–went up to a DD over teh weekend, back down to a large B yesterday, and up at C this morning.  These things are truly amazing when one has walked around with an A cup forever.  I should be taking pictures before they shrivel to nothing.

I have not read a single blog since getting home 😦

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