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8 Lbs, 3.4 oz!

Breastfeeding is a success!  Now what am I going to worry about?

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I’m really not always this negative, I just hate mornings. Esp. the tail end of the 4-7 am cluster feeding nonsense/before the coffee kicks in.

Today’s complaints: new nursing bras too small. supposed to fit b-c cup but cups runneth over, as it were. which kind of hurts. suckage.

All diapers leak. Does my kid have a malformed ass? Tired of waking up coated in pee. All-in-ones leak in front, 7th Gen leak in back. more suckage.

Don’t wanna go to doc appt today. nervous about weight gain. If my scale is accurate, Chico is over 8 lbs again, but don’t really trust home scales to be that ounce-nuanced. Wish us luck.

90% reduction numbers:

  • gasoline–4.1 gal.
  • transit electricity–84.6 kWh
  • house electric–271 kWh
  • garbage–112.9 lbs
  • recycling–67.5 lbs
  • CG–$541.73
  • Food local–48%
  • bulk–6%
  • wet–45%

consumer goods mostly baby stuff. Garbage includes food lost after baby born/while in hospital. Food % reflect 3 weeks not picking up CSA share. All in all not terrible, all things considered. Nov. household #s will be adjusted to reflect 4th member, because I can (and expenses include baby-related, like extra light on in bedroom, extra diaper waste, travel for doc appts and purchases of supplies.
I don’t think we’ll hit 90% reduction average for year (except electric and gasoline), but figure not only will these changes be sustainable, but we may be able to hit a 90% reduction for the last month of project. I’m just too darn groggy to do a projection. Still have to reset year to date numbers to reflect transit electricity instead of gasoline as well.

I remain amazed at how much I’m accustomed to doing for the reduction and how second-nature it is. Having other folks helping out drives home how much easier I find our methods of doing things. Plus I get a perverse thrill out of hearing Lucy lecture about wasting water, how we don’t need products just because they have cartoon pictures on them, or how frustrating it is that every ad is just trying to get you to spend money on something you don’t need. Because I’m finally ready to admit that I’m becoming more of a hippy as each day passes. I still think jam bands suck though, and patchouli will always make me gag.

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