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Another report to edit? Sign me up! Especially if you happen to be someone I admire greatly and would like to ask after my new son and compliment my mad word skillz. Because I’m a sucker. And i can’t watch any more tv without feeling guilty/losing iq points. I actually watched America’s Most Smartest Model yesterday and I swear I got dumber by the end.

Yeah, got lost there for a minute. I’m back now. Sometimes I totally forget what I’m doing and run off chasing shiny things. Or nursing.

Anyway, C and I were watching the noooz yesterday and were both taken aback by a segment on heating oil prices and how much folks should expect to pay over the winter. It did not, however, mention anything about lowering usage as a means to not end up in the poorhouse because of heating oil prices. I suppose there are just too many people who will pay ridiculous prices and bitch about it rather than turn down the thermostat and bundle up. Serious pet peeve of mine…

But anyway, this led to a discussion about what we were going to do to conserve heating oil. As you may know, our heating (and cooking gas and water) is included in the monthly maintenance we pay. We will likely have to pay extra for heating oil, however, since costs have risen so significantly. This chaps my ass, to be honest. See, the building is hot. Like, I’m sitting in the living room in a t-shirt and cropped sweats and am wholly comfortable. And the heat has only been on since 6am. SO, this winter we are going to do a few things. In fact, we are thinking about doing a big thing: turning the heaters off.

T his may sound crazy, but remember that since we are in an apartment building, we have a great deal of passive heat from the apartments around us. The fact that it’s a brick building helps as well, not to mention the direct sunlight we get for much of the day. If we decide to do this, we’ll adopt the blinds open in the daytime, closed at night policy. We’ll also need to do a little weatherstripping since we have some space around the balcony door and a/c. We’ll likely have to break down and get window coverings for the kids’ room, and may need heavier drapes for our bedroom window, although it gets pretty toasty with 3 of us in the bed. All in all I’m excited, though. Even if we just go part of the winter with no or minimal heat, this will make a huge difference. I also plan on bringing it up at the next meeting to see if everyone is having to open windows to deal with the heat, esp. if we end up getting charged for usage. We have one of the larger units and so get charged more, which I am loath to pay when we want the temp dropped by at least 15 degrees, if not 20.

Even if we don’t get all of them off, we know already that the dining room heater goes, and likely the living room one as well. I wish it was an area that we could actually track so I could see if we were making a real reduction, but I guess I’ll have to take what I can get.

Lord a’mighty, I’ve been trying to write this damn post for like 6 hours now. I’m so easily distracted these days.

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