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This morning my firstborn stood in the bedroom, sobbing.  ‘But Mommy, I want to keeeeeeep it!  There’s things I want and things I want to keep and it isn’t fair…’

What it, you ask?

A banana peel.  It’s now in an old take-out container on the counter.  I don’t know what I’m going to do if she decides she still wants to keep it when she gets home from school.

Also…if you are in the market for cloth diapers, buy them here!   I placed my order on Friday and it was here yesterday morning.  She has an awesome selection too!  I can’t wait to get it all washed and dried so we can have a big ol’ Fluff Lovefest.

El Hombre Chico is finally able to hang out looking at stuff without being glued to a person.  In fact, he just put himself to sleep in the co-sleeper.  I’m still not ready to put him in there overnight though.  It’s far too nice to wake up next to his little face.  I think maybe I’d be the happiest mommy if I could wake up next to both of my kids, but Lucy sleeps like she’s performing feats of acrobatics in her sleep and I always ended up waking up with her toes in my nose or something equally unpleasant.

I woke up in a sweat last night and had to remove my socks and half of the covers.  I’m going to start lobbying for turning the bedroom heater off as well.  I want a winter of fleece and flannel and huddling together for warmth.  And yes, I used to pretend to be Laura Ingalls in The Long Winter when I was little.  Hells, I bought another copy of it over the summer to get myself inspired 🙂

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