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  1. SIL–done (handmade)
  2. Lucy cousins–4/6 done (handmade and WWF adoptions)
  3. family gift draw–both done (handmade)
  4. friend who lives outside of computer–box done (handmade)
  5. Lucy started (4 handmade, 1 adoption)
  6. C birthday from Lucy (adoption)
  7. C giftmas (not ordered yet but handmade)

Cheap Plastic Crap/mass produced lameness: Zero

Unfortunately, the rest of the folks we have to gift all want mass produced stuff or I haven’t found anything yet. The upside is that we have a grand total of 4 people left to buy for (5 if you count Lucy.) Oh, and C’s birthday from me, which I have no idea what to get. Probably not handmade. Am I a terrible person for not getting anything for Chico? I don’t think so. Let’s just say ‘breastmilk’ for Cheeks, which is totally handmade.  ETA:  forgot we have 2 more folks to add to the need-gifts list.  This happens every.damn.year.
Speaking of ‘terrible’ and ‘children’, there was another monster meltdown yesterday. Taking her out onto the balcony did the trick–I went with her and, aside from the mom and little kid who stood across the street watching to make sure I wasn’t beating my child, it seemed to do the trick. A proper night’s sleep has worked wonders, and I’m hoping my description of the sleep bank was clear enough for her to follow. Once again, the eruption was because of being tired and not wanting to lie down for a rest. It is one of parenthood’s biggest fuck-yous that you can neither make your child sleep nor sleep for your child.

Today: SNOW!!!!!!!!!!

note: It’s in the 20’s outside and still not cold with the heaters off.

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