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Please, PLEASE keep me off of that site.  I mean, don’t because I’m finding the coolest gifts there, but after the holidays?  Purge memory.

It’s total crack.

Also, please send thought-vibes to anyone purchasing a gift for me that they find the glory of Etsy, because half of the trouble is wanting one of everything.  I mean, I bought two things tonight under the guise of being presents for the baby.  At least they’re actually for the baby, but still.

Today was a cranky day, and all I’m getting done is shopping for presents.  The house has exploded, hasn’t been vacuumed properly (not dustbusted) since pre-baby, and the only things I’m caught up on are laundry and dishes.  And by ‘caught up on’, I mean ‘not drowning under’.  At least I took a nap with Chico this afternoon so I’m not blank-staring my way through life anymore.

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After another  middle-of-the-night marathon nurse-a-thon, we finally collapsed into bed at 1:30.  This morning, after waking up thisclose to making Lucy late for school, while Chico and I were changing his dipe and outfit, he looked up at me and smiled.  3 times in a row.  While looking in my eyes.  And I cried. Now he’s on a blanket on the floor with his favorite toys.  He’s alert and looking around, and he bears little resemblance to the brand new critter I brought home 6 weeks ago.  It really does go so quickly.  I know he’ll be back to my little man as soon as he gets overwhelmed, but right now he seems so old.

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