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Had you stopped by between midnight and one am, you would have found…

one baby who refused to stop nursing long enough to sleep (or who stopped sleeping every time he unlatched.)

one preschooler crying about how sad she was but who couldn’t come up with an explanation of why

one husband trying to catch a rest in between ethnographies

two cats sprawled out and curled up, respectively, sound asleep

one me ready to pack bags and check out.

I finally got Lucy into her bed and not sobbing by explaining that I was exhausted and irrational and if she continued to cry and keep me awake I was going to get very angry.  C had retreated to the couch by this point.  Chico passed out for a good hour and a half between 3:30 and 5, and then again from 6:45 to  7:30, when Lucy began yelling from the bathroom that she had a nosebleed.  The above hours reflect my sleep for the night.

So clearly there was something in the air last night.  Whether it was a reaction to C having these papers he’s busting ass on or if it’s the dryness, there was apparently some sort of issue that only affected the under-5 set.  And it sucked.

So at this point I’m amusing myself with YouTube and dreading the inevitable ass-dragging day that I am facing.  Please tell me that I won’t spend all night every night with a child attached to me because I love nursing, but I’m not so jazzed on having to nurse to get the kid to stay asleep.

And just so this isn’t total complaining, the little dude is quite a happy fellow when he’s not dead-ass exhausted.  He smiles up a storm, and he’ll try to get your attention by making a ‘hi’ sound.  I have a ton of fun with him during normal business hours, so to speak.  I think even if he was up at night and happy it’d be easier, but this awake and wanting to be asleep thing…

Anyway, I’m gonna go go go until I crash crash crash.  And I’ll probably be found, face down in my coffee, listening to Kool Moe Dee.  And, yes, the baby is sleeping now.

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