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2007 abridged

I hadn’t really realized until I sat down to write this that 2007 was the year of radical change. I quit smoking, got pregnant, started the Riot, baked a pie, cooked a meal, started copy-editing. I sent my daughter off to school. I gave birth again (note to self, write birth story already.) It was mostly good.

For next year, I want to keep on the reduction path. I need to get out and start trying to meet people, and I need to find an outlet for my energy that doesn’t involve having the Perfect House. I need to get into a class of some sort, whether it’s yoga or writing. I need to start walking again.

I need to be nicer to myself when things are frustrating.


My 2007 Riot abridged is as follows:

joined a CSA, began hanging laundry to dry, tried my hand at growing edible plants, started using TC, mamapads, cloth diapers.  Realized that I really want to succeed at this, not because I think I should or because I think it will make me happier, but because I truly believe that I need to be mindful of my actions and teach my children to only take what is fair.

In 2008, I hope to achieve an overall reduction of at least 75%.


I’m feeling very positive about 2008.  I think that it can be a very good year.

My resolution is to be more gentle.  To myself, my kids, my husband and everyone else I ave contact with.

May you all kiss 2007 goodbye and ring in ’08 with health and warmth!


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