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Chico remembers how to latch and spent a bit sucking after his bottle.  We’re going to try before next time.

How happy am I?  I so missed nursing.

Wish us luck–I just downed a bowl of oatmeal and I’m doing the Mother’s Milk tea religiously.

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One of the worst parts about being hospitalized for so long and about having been so goddamn sick is that Chico was put on formula.  I lost so much fluid from vomiting before I was hospitalized that he was barely getting fed, and then I was on far too many meds to pump and send home so I iced to prevent mastitis (only for a few days) and decided that I would try to build back up to nursing if I could.

This morning, after waking up with the worst sinking feeling over formula feeding, I  noticed that my breasts were full and firm.  And then, when giving the baby a bottle, my milk let down.  Only on the left, but still, there was a let down and I am feeling like maybe I can at least get him partially on the breast again.

Has anyone relactated?  Anyone know how to best go about doing it?  I’m starting the pump-and-dump today and am going to put in a call to my midwife on Monday about how long after I finish the antibiotics I can safely put him on the breast.  God, I so hope I can do this.  I really miss nursing.


While in the hospital, one of my nurses (who became a friend) had extended-breastfed her son and ended up helping me remove the massive knotting in my hair and being just an incredible source of moral support and sanity-maintenance.  It’s sad I had to have a deadly infection to make a friend, but it turns out I can still do it.


My son is yelling at the Chelsea match.  We start ’em young around here.


The R4A is right out the window.  Nothing has been tracked, and in my absence things were run significantly differently around here due to other folks taking over much of the day-to-day.  We’re going to try our best to get back to the changes we made after my recovery is complete and suchlike.  We’re still cloth diapering and the worms are still thriving and I should be back to TC by the end of next week (or whenever I take over laundry again) but we are not going to be tracking anymore.  It’s just more than I can handle with the 2 kids and besides, none of the numbers would be accurate since there were several very high impact weeks plus now we have to run through some of the higher impact items that were purchased in my absence.  I’m disappointed, but it’s really out of my hands for now.  I have enjoyed the project immensely and am going to miss participating, but I need to give myself a break to recover, both from the meningitis and also from the baby.  I don’t think I really let myself take time after Chico was born, and as a result managed to run myself pretty well into the ground.


I really missed you guys.  As soon as my fever broke and I was in the isolation room at the hospital, I started thinking about y’all and wondering how you were.  I’m so happy to be back.

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I’m finally home

Meningitis sucks but I’ve finally been released from the hospital and am back to normal save ten days of muscle atrophy and network television viewing eating my brain.  Proper post after I’m fully settled back in here but wanted to say thank you for all of the well-wishes.  Meanwhile, I have a baby to hug and Lucy’s birthday to think about and non-hospital food to eat.


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Ear eats brain!

Hello, I’m Jen’s husband and I’m posting this in her stead. Unfortunately the ear infection Jen was experiencing developed into a bacterial form of meningitis and she has been hospitalized as a result. Fortunately the strain appears to be bacterial and thus responsive to treatment and Jen is steadily recovering both her health and her sense of humor. The prescribed treatment for such an illness is a ten day course of antibiotics administered intravenously which, if my ‘rithmatic is sound places her return on or about Thursday of next week. For some unfathomable reason she hasn’t been finding the hospital environs to be particularly uplifting so every little bit of love and/or support is greatly appreciated. To that end I will be periodically monitoring this blogs comments so I can pass on the heartfelt affection which I know you will be expressing. Thanks in advance and should any of you get an ear infection I strongly advise you to not fuck around.

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2008 officially sucks balls.

wish me luck finding a doctor.

ETA:  only infected despite big oozy mess.  New doctor is on the first floor of my building.  Ear hurts like sonofabitch but should be better with Motrin.  Off to whimper in bed with my baby what barely cried at his shots today and who is all clear from RSV.

Hate 2008!

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I’d do the same for you!  Plus I’m always looking for some new reads (to never comment on.)


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Poor Baby Girl

Lucy has a ruptured eardrum.   Chico is better but still needs nebulized for the rest of the week.  I’m feeling better except for the whole kid has a ruptured eardrum thing.


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