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Today was really lovely.  I decided at the last minute to pack up the bub and go with my MIL and Lucy for a day of SCIENCE!  *cue Thomas Dolby*

And so we gazed at microbes and watched a cow’s eye being dissected and ate some lunch.  And then we checked out a family science kit on matter and a couple of books for Mommy about encouraging girls in math and science.  And then we went to the zoo and had some more science, only with less cow cornea.  The Bubby was his usual charming self, lounging in the stroller to give my newly recovered breast a break (by the way–apple cider vinegar, 2 tsp dissolved in water with some honey.  It tastes like crap but it got the last bit of hard taken care of.  I have no idea how it works but it did something there at the tail end of compress/nurse/massaging.)  The bub got some grandma time, I got some Lucy time, and there was adult conversation to boot, which isn’t as much of a rarity as it used to be but is still rather nice.

So here’s the thing.  I don’t acknowledge it nearly as much as I should, but I really like my family.  Both the one I married into and the one I’ve made with my husband.  And it is truly one of the nicest things ever to feel that way.

But if you’ll excuse me, I made one too many plans for the weekend and have some catching up to do before I execute any of them.  Here’s hoping I get back with mounds of apples, a jack-o-lantern-appropriate pumpkin and a skirt for Lucy’s Halloween costume.

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