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I was an extraordinarily good worker yesterday and cleared out a bag of clothes that Lucy had outgrown, packed up all of her and Francis’ summer clothes (I’m trying to get used to calling him by his name so that he responds to it for the doctor) and packed up my summer clothes as well.  I loaded my smaller-than-ever-before sweater collection into my dresser, refolded everything in Lucy’s drawers, including making sure her socks were all in pairs.  I washed all of C’s winter stuff.  I reorganized the crap in my closet so that I can once again walk all the way in and pulled out my good winter coat to be cleaned (or at least fluffed in the dryer.)  I found a bunch of framed stuff I had stuck in there during one of my mass redecorations, which has been stacked carefully to fill in some blank wall spaces (it’s like shopping only with stuff I already own!)

And then I beat C in a game of Illuminati.  No, wait.  Not that Illuminati, this one.  I can’t actually read too much about the first Illuminati because my imagination is far to fertile and I’m prone to paranoia from time to time.

Despite all of this manic and fitful action, I still feel about three weeks behind the curve.  I still have a bunch of squash to make and freeze, not to mention ravioli to prep and cook.  I had hoped to achieve a sense of zen-like calm after getting long-ignored items crossed off my list but instead keep looking around at the stuff strewn about the apartment and shaking my head.

It’s the most frustrating thing about housework; you are really never finished.

On the other hand, I do get a sense of real joy when I see my family living happily in the home I care for.

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