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Seriously?  I am nothing short of invigorated this morning.  I am down to one pumpkin to cook.  My apples are sauced and I made, get this, homemade ginger ale last evening.  So what if I really don’t like it?  Do y’all remember last year when I was all “I BOILED WATER last night”?


I am eligible to register for classes tomorrow and so I decided I couldn’t possibly wait another twenty-four hours to know what I’ll be studying.  And voila!  I am going to finish up College Writing so that I may take more fun writing classes as my remaining electives, and bang out a science course.  I did some poking around and found that when last I checked, two of my olde college courfef (from back in the olde dayf) hadn’t transferred yet.  Which means that I have six more credits than I anticipated.  Which, my friends, rocks.  Not only does it mean that college will be that much less expensive and I will be done that much sooner, but it means that I can stop beating myself up for sucking so badly at college the first time around.

I’m a freaking college student.  I can’t believe it.  I really am giddy this morning.

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