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She’s Crazy!

Herein lies a bunch of random ramblings in no particular order.  You have been warned.

Thanksgiving was lovely, although I was again reminded of why I really don’t like Mommy Talks.  For starters, I really don’t so much feel comfortable discussing other the birth choices of people not present, especially when they involve words like ‘natural childbirth’ and ‘crazy’ in juxtaposition.  Because, really, is there anything more insulting than the realization that people say the same things about your birth choices when you aren’t present?  I hardly think I’m some sort of Superwoman for giving birth without pain meds but if I hear you say that people who do so are crazy, I may just act like I think I am.

For the most part I try to stay away from such conversations when I’m talking to folks who I know do things differently.  I have no interest in the Mommy Hostilities and quite frankly, as long as your kid isn’t teaching mine bad things or causing me problems personally, I really don’t care if you cry it out, sleep train, only let your kid eat foods that are blue, what-have-you.  Parenting is hard enough without feeling like every choice you make is under scrutiny, right?

The baby has figured out how to remove diapers with velcro enclosures.  He did so this morning, and it wasn’t empty.  You do the math.

I got my yarn for the scarves and it’s all  not what it looked like in the pictures so I’m really disappointed.  I ordered some more so hopefully it will be here soon and I can get started.  I’ll use the too-dark stuff for something else–that’s the nice thing about yarn, isn’t it?  I got my drop spindle and wool but haven’t gotten it out yet because I still have to finish the Advent Calendar.  I only have 6 more pockets to sew so it should go pretty quickly though.  I’m going to have to do the whole thing over for next year because I started it while I was on the phone and did a shoddy job for the first row.  It’s going to be really cute, though.

My CPR class is tomorrow and I am really excited.  Really, really excited in fact.  It’s going to be good to cross something off of my Competence Project list!

Bub’s new favorite toy is an old doll of Lucy’s.  He likes to hug it, head butt it, and chew on its’ feet.

Last, but certainly not least, I am among the many sickened by the trampling of the man at WalMart on the Island.  I hope each and every person who was involved is happy that they took a man’s life for a deal on a new tv.  It’s disgusting and shameful, but unfortunately not a surprise.  This is what happens when giving gifts is turned into a competition.  This was no accident, tragic or otherwise.  People saw a group of employees trying to keep the doors from collapsing in, they pushed anyway and knocked the doors down, and then STEPPED ON AND AROUND A DYING MAN, not because they were starving, or in danger, or under attack.  They did this all BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO GET GOOD DEALS ON CRAP THEY DIDN’T EVEN NEED.

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