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Yeah, the catharsis of telling my business on the internet has been surpassed by the catharsis of a good sleep.  I can’t lie.

The past few weeks have been a journey of getting to know myself, trying to look honestly at my strengths and weaknesses, and all sorts of other psychobabble-esque crap.  Also, I’ve discovered that sometimes talking to myself in my head is more helpful than talking to myself here.  Just sayin’.  It was interesting to realize that I do so much writing for my classes that I don’t so much need the blawg to get stuff out of my head.

So yes, the past few weeks…trying to get outside, walking with the baby, breathing in what passes for fresh air in the flight path of La Guardia.  Spent an excellent day with mizz Luce at the botanical garden learning an eentsy bit of foraging, how to make seed bombs and compost cookies and cleaning up at the flea market.  I discovered I not only love Jerusalem artichokes but they grow in containers so there’s that for an upcoming project.  Once I finish finals and fun-reading, that is.

The boy is tearing up the vocabulary these days, keeping us on our toes trying to figure out if he is saying ‘no’ (nose), ‘no’ (nurse) or ‘no’ (stop it).  He rolls his r’s when he says ‘draw’, says ‘coo’ instead of school, andwhen he gets into batting stance, he says ‘guy’ (looks like he’s a lefty).  If you’re watching tv, he asks to put on baseball (tee?  bayball?’) and not only does he have a batting stance complete with follow-through, he has a leg kick he uses when he (‘whoa’ a la Joey Lawrence) throws the ball.

The girl has taken to writing books and is better than her mom at use of adjectives.  She has created a Crusader’s Club (for the Earth) and a spy club.  The latter is a bit of a disappointment for her as I put the ixnay on hosting her entire class for a spy club meeting.  I think mostly she likes the idea of wearing a disguise.

For the end of the semester, I have 3 papers, 2 finals and 15 questions of varying complexity to answer in three different classes.  Oh, and 100 pages of a book to read before I can answer 6 of the questions and do one of the papers.  I am not a happy bee right about now but it will feel damn good when I am finished next week.  Wish me luck.  Or sanity.  Or both.

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Stuff and Things

Hey, any of you guys who live in the area (NY/NJ…)

I haven’t written about this because, well, it ain’t my story.  But in the interest of trying to help, here goes.

2 months ago, Lucy’s eight year old cousin, son of my dear friend, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.  As if that wasn’t heartbreaking enough, in true health insurance form their plan has refused to pay for almost all of his treatments.

I don’t need to tell you that it is every parent’s nightmare, the thought of their child having cancer.  The notion that even with what is supposed to be a good insurance plan, that it will just refuse to cover the treatments your kid needs to live is beyond reprehensible.  To have to worry about money in the midst of trying to help your child heal…well, it just shouldn’t happen.

So if you are in the area this Saturday, or if you are just feeling like helping, a yoga studio in Rutherford is having a benefit for the family.  It is accessible by train, there is a series of classes given by very good teachers, and kirtan afterwords. Paypal is accepted for the $40 donation:


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Whatcha doing?

I am sick, or at least filled to the brim with mucus.  I am not happy about this, especially after embarking on my Brand! New! You! program wherein I try to stop cramming my gob full of Oreos and quesadillas.  I’ve been doing ok with that, actually, although we’ve had both Jello pudding and Doritos in the house over the past five days.  Baby steps, anyway.

I have long been a fan of Gillian McKeith and so I went to her website and discovered that you can have your own mini-You Are What You Eat experience For $25 and a half hour or less (with kids) to fill out a questionaire.  It gives you your power foods, nutrients you need, and recipes and I’m really pretty pleased with it.  I’ve been feeling (prior to the great snot invasion) pretty sluggish and like I’ve gotten out of the habit of eating like I should.  Part is definitely the in-between CSA season, but part is sheer laziness.  Anyway, I have been much better about the food thing lately and I got sick anyway.  Maybe it’s The Shock?

It’s been a couple of days since I’ve had red meat as well and I think I’m ready to keep going on that track.  I could probably stop with everything but fish, actually.  I don’t know if I’m going to do that though.  At least not yet.

Oy.  The snot.  It’s everywhere at once.

Today I feel like making something but I’m going to have to do a bunch of reading instead.

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