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So somehow the 2 hours I spent outside last night have gone straight to my head.  Sinuses to be specific.  I have a general sort of fog, as well as a bit of a scratchy voice from yelling ‘Register to Vote’ when my much more effective partner/mentor was engaged with a registerer.

By the time I needed to leave the house, I was positively dreading taking part in the registration drive.  I was already feeling a bit less-than-hale after napping with the bub before Lucy got home from school, plus it was on the chilly side and I don’t yet have a jacket for Chico or anything large enough to zip him around me in the ‘hawk.  We took the long way to the meet-up point, and I tried to convince myself it would be ok to bail, that there would be plenty of people there, that I had every excuse to go back home.

But when I got to the corner, there was the organizer and one couple in their sixties or seventies.  And I said to myself, ‘Well hell, if they can stand out here, so can I.’  I introduced myself, and before too long we got started.  It was disorganized at first in that way that these grassroots Democratic political events always seem to be (what’s up with that?) but before too long, we had powered through all of the registration forms the organizer brought.  We broke up into de facto duos, with the head of our local For Obama group coming up to my corner holler while I held the clipboard and pen.  The bub nursed down for his mid-evening nap so I had full attention to pay to the most effective way to get people registered, and I will definitely do this again in years to come.

Of the highlights, the biggest was probably when the woman from the older couple leaned over to me and told me how she used to take her daughter on strikes to picket, and later offered to block me while I nursed Chico in his carrier.  Many people wanted to stop and tell their stories about why they are voting for Obama, and the woman I was with registered a 56 year old who had never voted before.  Regardless of your particular proclivities, it is certainly an important sign that voter registration numbers are so high and this will hopefully translate into voter turnout.

Even though I’m feeling pretty snuffly this morning, it was definitely worth it.  Getting out there so beats sitting around complaining, and democracy is so much more than just voting.


This is Day 5 of the 29 Day Giving Challenge and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how good giving feels, especially giving for the sake of giving instead of out of obligation, whether it’s time or money or a meal or whatever.  I think the thing I’ve appreciated most is sitting down at the end of the day and really thought about what I’ve done for the people I love and the things I believe in and actually felt a sense of accomplishment, as though I am actually being true to who I want to be.


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Changing Things Up

I figured the old blawg was due for a new look so here it is.  I even updated my ‘About’ page to include Chico!  And in honor of the 29 Day Giving Challenge, I added a section where I list the organizations I support down there under my blogroll. Those are the places to which I have made donations this year.  It has been a great source of pride for me to make donations and I am pleased to have a reason to do so daily.

For Day 1of the challenge, I am stocking my bag with change for the buskers in the subway.

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