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Or something.  I woke up this morning to pitch dark.  At 7am (the baby is up at 12:30 screaming bloody murder every night so I’m stealing extra sleep wherever I can.)  I was very confused.

Yesterday I boxed up a bunch of baby toys that either Bubby doesn’t play with or we have something similar in wood.  I was hoping for more, but at least we should have cleared space for the new stuff coming in.  Today I’ma sneak out a boxful of stuffed animals from Lucy’s room because I swear she’ll never remember all of the little ones she had buried in the big bin or ’em.

I can send the easel, the glider and ottoman, the playpen all out next month and we’re going to get the crib for naps and emergency baby containment.  I’m going to basically turn my big closet into a space to store stuff that is on its way out of the house and give up on the notion of using it until it’s cleared out.  If I was only a wee bit braver, I’d just send everything out that is in it but I fear I may need a dress or some spare linens one of these days 😛

C’mon, what else can I get rid of?  I’m on a roll here!


I freaked out yesterday and ordered a couple presents each for the kids’ stockings.  I realized that the baby was only getting 2 pairs of wool longies in his, and then there was a game on sale that Lucy wanted, and then she’s been fixated on these fairy dolls that I did not buy her because I got her a pioneer dollhouse family instead so I got her a make-your-own fairy doll kit too, and then I had to pick up another little thing for the baby to make it even and then I collapsed in a pile of exhaustion because I am a freaking BASKETCASE every year around the holidays.  So it’s a good thing Lucy’s birthday is next month because I’m sure I’ll get everything out of the closet and go ‘what the fuck was I thinking?’ like I do every year.  Again, I’m going to be keeping an eye toward the things I’m bringing into the house when I look to clear kids’ stuff out over the next few weeks.


Last night was the first winter CSA pick-up and I have so.many.veggies.  C made up a big batch of home fries when he got home and tonight I’m going to steam up a mess of broccoli to go with the local sausage I’m thawing and the mostly-local mozzarella I’m going to finally make, and then I guess Friday will be soup day.  I love local food!  I love local meals!  I love having a fridge and freezer full of good food.  Another thrill has been feeding the baby the peaches I froze over the summer.  I’m really proud of myself for doing so much preserving, even though I didn’t get any canning done again this year.

I also have not tried out Gina’s Garam Masala recipe because I am shy of a couple of the spices And I’ve been too lazy to get to the good grocery to pick them up.  This weekend!  I have everything but the black cardamom and black cumin (mmmm, cumin, drool)  seeds already 🙂


I fear for our electricity usage this month.  And our gasoline as well (car services are in order to travel back and forth with packages.)  I’m glad I’m not tracking until the 1st of January 😛

It’s only slightly cheating.  It’s already been heavier car usage than normal with Thanksgiving and the trip to the Met but those were all 4-5 people in the car trips so it’s not so bad, right?  RIGHT?


My book about handspinning is on its way and I am really excited!  And I am almost done with my first knitting project!  And Lucy and I have been learning to weave on a peg loom, which may actually be more fun than knitting.  Still no paper though.  I’m running out of time!


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Here’s the thing:  I’m totally freaking out about going back to school.  Like days of anxiety attacks, mood swings, the gamut.  Frankly it really sucks enough that I need to check with my therapist about what I should do in between appointments. It’s sucked enough that yesterday I was thinking about asking about medication.  I don’t think I’m there when I’m not mid-attack though.

Anyhow, one of the things I really have to do is ‘simplify my life’ as my MIL put it.  And she’s absolutely right that the best way to do so is to box up and remove a bunch of the stuff we’re not using.  And I’m sort of excited about doing this; in the last days of my pregnancy, it was a great way to pass time and not focus on the what-if’s that could go wrong.  I’m already making lists in my head of what can go–the glilder and ottoman?  outta here.  The stack of cushions that Pickle used to sleep on?  See ya.  The masses of crystal and fancyness in the pantry that haven’t been out of their boxes in years?  Store ’em until we get a china cabinet.  Books, cd cases, old video games (don’t tell my husband) can be stored or donated.  And I’m going to be honest:  I have a closet full of clothes that I don’t wear.  Actually, I don’t wear anything in my closet because either I can’t get to it or I have no need for dressy clothes or they were gifts that I’m holding onto for just in case.  Does any of this sound familiar?  Yeah, it’s amazing how easy it is to talk yourself into keeping masses of stuff just in case when in actuality if you have to qualify it that way, you’re probably never gonna use it.

Anyway, this is my plan for the next month.  Boxing up, sending out, only storing stuff that is imminently useful (big kid toys, books) or too precious to part with (good serving pieces.)  I’m hoping this curbs the freakouts a little bit because seriously?  I’m way sick of that downward spiral.  I’m also way sick of piles of toys all over the house, coincidentally, so there’s that too.

Maybe I’ll even post pictures again.  I’ll tell ya, after the first time through, I still have functioning drawers and clear off my surfaces weekly.

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