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I have been attempting to limit my time on these here intertubes to under an hour in the morning to check email and blogs and another hour in the evening for same.  I have, remarkably, been doing ok with that.  It is a bit of a mad rush to make sure I check everything, but I’m sure by next week my ‘everything’ will be less extensive than it is now.  So far so good, right?  I mean, I know it’s only the 2nd but…

Yeah.  On to the toe.  The epsom salt soaks sting like a sumbitch and I dread them like you can’t imagine.  The overall pain/tenderness/whatever has been getting better, though.  Enough so that I haven’t had to rock my morning Tylenol yet.  The nailbed looks far less gross than I expected, although I don’t exactly like to gaze upon it dreamily or nothin’.  I’m only being a wimp about it now in the time immediately surrounding the soaks, which means like 22 whine-free hours a day!  I’m hoping to get through the whole deal today without wimpiness at all, but that may be too much to ask.

I think part of why I’m having such a hard time is the sort of shellshock from being in the hospital.  I don’t know that I ever came to terms with having meningitis outside of the normal ‘glad to be better’ stuff.  And I really think that I am terrified that I could get sick enough again to not be able to breastfeed.   Which I know is not the end of the world but I really mourned the loss of the nursing relationship while I was hospitalized and I don’t want to go through that again.  At least, I want it to be a decision Chico and I make.


Due to the way last year went with the couch biting the dust and the time surrounding the hospital, etc. not being properly tracked, I’m going to start over with the Riot.  This will entail using estimations of last year’s numbers based on actual totals.  I’ll try to work up a recap of last year anyway, because we did make good progress in spite of everything.  Plus I really enjoy being part of the project.

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It’s challenge time!  For the month of June, I am giving up soda and screwing around on the computer.  You know, the obsessive checking of email, flipping to my feed reader to see if anyone’s updated, generally roaming from site to site to site while the baby is sleeping.  No more, no more, no more.


On to the growing challenge–things are still growing.  I’m not sure we’re ever going to have anything to harvest, but the plants aren’t dead yet.  At least there’s that.


I don’t know if my foot is going to be ok enough to do CSA pick-up this week.  Or, I think I’ll probably not be able to.  It’s the first week, and I’m pretty bummed.  I’ll be happy when this whole mess is over.  I soaked it this morning and the salt stung like a bitch.  And I cried like a baby because honestly?  I don’t want to have to deal with this.  But by the end of the soak it didn’t sting as much, and Tylenol is helping the pain so it could be far worse.

And with that I’m off to put on a pot of tea and scare up some food.  Oh, wait!  Good news!  My Babyhawk got here and I tried it on yesterday, and it is awesome.  Chico fell asleep within ten minutes of being put in and my back felt great.  I love it.

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Down with Ears!

I assure you I am not kidding when I report that Lucy has an infected right ear and Chico has an infected both ears.  They are both on antibiotics, Lucy more successfully than Chico because C isn’t home and it is far easier to give the medicine in my head than it is in reality.

At the drugstore I let Lucy pick out a cheap plastic doll and bought her pocket-sized hand sanitizer and tissues.  Because having ears sucks.  Except for that whole hearing thing.

I took both kids on the subway all by myself, like a big girl.

I am hungry again.

If I’m not around for the next couple of days it’s because I’ve declared war on all things otic.  Except that whole hearing thing,

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Kids sick.  Apartment trashed.  Mommy hungry.  We’re hitting the doctor today so fingers are crossed that it’s nothing big.  I am nothing if not twitchy since our last sick experience landed me in the hospital.  Meanwhile, my pouch is saving my sanity.

If everyone is healthy, I get to go to the Greenmarket tomorrow!

The old computer monitor has been taken to its new home!

I’m excited to be getting a 2nd worm bin.  No more trashing food scraps because the bin is too small.

I am otherwise thoroughly spent.

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Apparently we’re down to one bottle a day as of today.  Chico is nursing like a champ, and my milk seems to be almost back to normal if not all the way back!

Oh, and he’s teething.  Already.   At 3 months.  Confirmed by the pediatrician.

There should be a law.

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I don’t know if my memory is still fucked up from the meningitis or if I’m just the least organized person on the earth, but I can’t find a goddamn thing and it’s really starting to get to me. I try so hard to be organized, to set up systems, to put things in intuitive places but it just doesn’t work. And to be quite honest, I can’t take any more looking for shit today. It is making me crazy.

I spent days dealing with our filing after I got the new computer armoire. I moved old files to my closet and filed current stuff in the file drawer. I DID NOT THROW ANYTHING OUT. So riddle me this, Batman. Where the fuck is our 2007 tax return**?

All I want is to be able to open any door, drawer or cabinet in my home and be able to see what is in it. The problem is, no matter how many times I try to get to this point, I never manage to do it. We get more stuff. I stop keeping up with things. Or, as seems to have happened now, little fucking fairies blow through with gale force winds and strew things all over the place.

I’m telling you, I’m ready to get rid of absolutely everything. As soon as I stop crying.

**The answer is: in the file drawer in a folder labeled, curiously enough, Taxes. Because it takes 15 times’ worth of looking to find a file. Not 13. Not 14. 15 or bust. I’m still getting rid of everything though.

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