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Thankfully my sushi ill was gone in time for the Daily Show last night.   No worries, nothing could turn me off of my beloved sushi!  I was pretty weak for a while, but all in all, very lucky.  I even ate last night after I got up.
We interviewed with a preschool yesterday morning and I’m in love.  The application has to go in today, and if all goes well, Lucy will be going to school full time next fall.  I can’t believe she’s getting so freaking big.  It hits all of my mommy buttons to think of her being old enough for school, especially since we’ve deliberately not started her before she turns 4.  Sigh.  For her part, she was in awe of the kids and the toys and the whole shebang, so I think she’s ready.  Me, I’m not so sure.

Today is playing catch up on online shopping, wrapping, laundry, and all that other fun stuff I’ve neglected.  Lucy is cranking the noise to 11 so I better find something with which to entertain her.  As much as I get freaked out by the notion of sending her to school, I do wish I could send her to the laundry room so that I didn’t have to do it myself.  Note to self:  second kids are overrated.  Get houseboy instead.

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This is not a real blog post

I woke up this morning in great spirits, took Lucy to interview at a preschool, came home, ordered sushi, and…

Last few hours not so much fun. Will write when not in danger of bad food evacuation.

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It’s hard to be disappointed in the result, of course, but the three points really would’ve been nicer.  Today’s match gives great creedence to my theory that as goes Gilberto so goes Arsenal since once again he had a remarkable showing and, aside from the damn makeshift back line, so did most everyone else.   Highlight was definitely the Drogba-Lehmann slapstick revue.  Ok, and I hate to admit it but the Essien goal really was beautiful.  I’m pretty impressed that we managed to hold it together despite lacking Toure and Henry and Gallas, and all in all, it was one of the most fun matches I’ve seen in a while.  A 1-1 draw with second-choice center halfs?  Not too shabby.  I do hope this is a sign of things to come.

I do continue to be concerned with Freddie’s tendency to lose his footing with some regularity.  Is he not fully fit yet?  It’s been steadily downhill for him since last season and while clearly some of his difficulties were explained by his various injuries (and rushing back before fully fit) I am concerned that he has simply lost pace.  In his old form, he was a real asset to the squad because of his pace and versatility.  These days?  I sort of cringe when he comes in off the bench.  Whether it’s fitness, a feeling of fighting with Rosicky for a job, or simply being too keyed up, it’s hard to watch him these days.  I hope he’s able to work out whatever is going on because he used to be one of my favorites to watch.  I think it all started with pushing himself through injury for the Champion’s League and continued with rushing back to play in the Cup.  I was surprised when none of our commentators noted the ankle-twisting in the game against Paraguay (I think it was Paraguay.)  To that end, when he was unavailable for the beginning of the Premiereship because of an ankle injury it struck me that the injury likely was a direct result of compensating for the original foot injury.  The calf?  Likely a result of the ankle and foot.  I’d bet he pushed himself because of the signing of Rosicky and Pires’ departure and I’d bet he has himself all wrapped up in proving his worth now.  It doesn’t work that way, especially when your asset is speed.  And what we need on the wings right now is speed.  It feels like a lot of Arsenal’s old magic passes down the wing are lost because no-damn-body is up there to receive.  To be sure, the 4-5-1 has not helped that situation either (and so help me, I can’t figure out Arsene’s thinking on *that* because I distinctly recall him calling out Domenach during the Cup for playing Henry in a 4-5-1.)  No matter what, the passity passity is fun to watch but I’d like some results in addition to pretty football.   Hells, I’d take results instead of pretty football sometimes.  No denying that defense is our biggest weakness, but the stuff happening up front isn’t great either.

This post brought to you by my FIL commenting on how much better Chelsea played than Arsenal.  There’s no reason to have to hear that sort of thing in one’s living room.

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Really, really, really good.  I don’t usually run out of stuff to yap about, but yesterday was definitely a mute sort of day.  After being up shooting the shit until close to 5 am (note to self:  no coffee after sundown) I was thoroughly exhausted.

The good news is:  Christmas shopping has commenced

The bad news is:  It’s never going to be over, is it?

My family does a draw every Thanksgiving since we’ve grown so much and I managed to get my cousin.  Which is cool because I love him, but really, I have no idea what to get for him.  One of us had him last year, and I found this beautiful shirt, but I’m not feeling the clothes shopping this year.  I’m not feeling any sort of shopping, in fact.  I’m feeling all big lazy bum.  I don’t even *want* anything this year.  Well, except for maybe someone to come in and clean our cesspool of an apartment because…

C’s dad is coming to visit tomorrow.  It was supposed to be yesterday but thankfully we got a reprieve.  The cleaning up is what I’ll be doing today, but I’d rather be going to this.   So, yeah, someone to do my laundry while I browse through crafts.  And a laptop so that I can write in bed.  And four extra hours in a day so that I can be more lazy.  Bah.
This has been brought to you by my raging ennui.

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It’s probably my high stress, low tolerance for holiday mood, but my first rejection was much more fun than my second. I mean, I’ll still frame this one and all, but really? I’m running out of places to submit my stinking piece to. Yeah, after two. No, actually, I’m exaggerating but still, I just want to find a home for it so that it stops eating up valuable brain waves and all 🙂

Lucy and I did an iota of Christmas shopping today and went out to lunch, which was fun. It makes me positively beam when other diners and waitstaff remark on how wonderful she is. Plus we have leftovers! Which is good because…

C is actually playing out tonight! For the first time in a long time. I’m terribly proud of him even though I don’t get to go see him play. Send good performance vibes tonight!

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Back in July, my brother installed a wireless router on our computer.  I have been complaining since about 3 weeks after said router was installed that I couldn’t upload pictures or move stuff to the external drive because of this new router.  Finally, lo these months later, I spoke to my brother on Saturday evening and asked him to explain to me how to unhook the router from the USB port so that I could plug other stuff in.  Yep, router.  Network cable.   Nowhere near USB port.  I’m a dumbass.  Major credit to my brother for not  laughing me off the phone.  I think it was stupid enough to totally shock him.  Don’t ask why I never looked at the back of the computer.

I will be spending the better part of today dealing with the past 3 months’ worth of pictures on the camera.  And feeling really, really stupid.

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So Very Tired

I am physically and emotionally drained. Tonight I’m going to pretend that the internet doesn’t exist and lie on the couch watching the Food Network with my crazy child so that C can get his music stuff done. Proper update tomorrow, but right now? Laziness calls.

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