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This is not about baseball.  It is about the Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park, which was really cool.  We met up with my cousin and her husband and son and braved the crowds and rain for some righteous turkey legs and a good joust.  God, I love turkey legs.  I was a good non-consumer and came home with nothing but memories, although it was a tough sell keeping me away from the jewelry and velvet and flouncy skirts.  I love me some flounce.  I almost lost my willpower and bought a wooden sword (you know, for the kids) but in the end C convinced me that we can go to a park and find proper branches to use as such (again, for the kids.  Not because I really want a wooden sword or anything.  I want a metal sword.  A sharp one.)

There was bellydancing, and an old friend of mine was part of the troupe.  I introduced Lucy to her, and then Lucy spent the entire subway ride home staring at the troupe postcard.  It is so cute when Lucy gets all awestruck.

Hey, look at that.  Chico figured out how to remove his pants.  I should probably go see to that, eh?

I do want to state for the record that I think life would be a lot more fun if I wore more things that jangled.

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Maybe it’s the sub-zero temperatures or perhaps the triumph of entering into smokeless month two, but I have suddenly become a dervish of doing new things. First, I cooked salmon last Thursday. Yep, in a skillet with the oil and the spattering and the heat, and without giving anyone food poisoning. This is the second time in my life that I’ve prepared any sort of meat. In fact, I am so miserable and paranoiac a cook that I would have failed home ec if not for the units on babysitting and ironing. At least one of those skills has come in handy since eighth grade. Then yesterday I made hummus from scratch. Today Lucy and I planted some basil, chives, parsley and marjoram (her choice.) Monday I’m signed up for a copyediting seminar. What the frick is up with me? I’m like Betty Fucking Crocker all of a sudden.

And then! Today! When I got back from freezing my arse off on the trip to the grocery! A package from our Kindly Neighbor to the North! That’s right, Snakes and Ladders are in da house. I had forgotten how goddamn long that game took to play. Thankfully this package of wonder also included the best cd ever! Does my excitement come through appropriately, because I’m really really tickled. I’ve listened to Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Dots, and I’m about to tuck into Raison d’Etre just because I can (and because it’s been an age and a half since I’ve listened to a Cold Meat band.) Thor, thank you so very very very much! I can bemoan my age whilst driving C crazy with darkwave and ensuring that Lucy learns the ‘catch the bat’ dance to proper music. It shan’t be long before I drag out the old mixtapes, I fear. See, C is already complaining! Excellent work!

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