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Aunt L came over yesterday with her boxes of beady goodness and introduced Lucy to the world of jewelry design.  And it was so much fun that this morning, The Best Mommy in the World ordered beading supplies so that we can continue here.  Because Lucy is really good at design.   I don’t just mean ‘good for a 5 year old.’  She’s good, period.  I know she’s my kid and all, but since she didn’t get her artsy-fartsiness* from me I can brag 😛

I’ll take a picture of the necklace she created for her Gramma’s birthday next week.  L and I each strung a side and L made the fancy bits and put it together, but the visual part was all Lucy.

And you know what?  I love stringing beads.  I love handling beads.  I love buying beads.  Uh oh.  At least now we don’t ever have to buy presents again 😉

*I did go through a brief beading fascination in high school but I really wasn’t very good.  I kept one pair of earrings for posterity but even those sit in the jewelry box unworn.  I almost dismantled them for Lucy to use but had an attack of nostalgia and had to hide them away again.  Oops, I kept this pair too.  The other pair is better.

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