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in no particular order:

  • my son has discovered the fine art of dropping things over the side of his exersaucer to be picked up
  • it’s too damn hot
  • Euro ’08!
  • it’s still too damn hot
  • I really have cut out all of that random dicking around online
  • it’s really freaking hot
  • I ❤ naps with the Chico

And I’m not going to be around today either because not only did our bananas hatch fruit flies (sweet lord I hate fruit flies and they aren’t entrapping themselves in the cider vinegar I set out) but we also have a ton of greens from CSA to be washed.  The upside is I’m going to have a salad large enough to bathe in for lunch today, though.

I have cheated on the soda end of the Quit Now challenge but I don’t feel so bad about that because it was a sort of afterthought.


We broke down yesterday and turned on the a/c because brick buildings with lots of sun before noon get really hot, even with blinds closed and near-nakedness.  I tried to compensate by keeping most everything else turned off but it really doesn’t balance out usage-wise.  I was surprised that I seemed to handle the heat better last year (pregnant) than this year (nursing.)  I suppose it’s unfair to compare seeing as this was ridiculous heat.


I broke down and spent a mad amount of money on a pair of Birkenstocks last week since I won’t be able to wear closed toe shoes for a while and I abhor flip flops and all of my other sandals are less than functional for regular walking.  It was nicer than you can imagine to walk around in a matching pair of shoes yesterday.  It had been a week and a half of surgical shoe on one foot, slipper on the other and I was well over it.  I think I am officially a dirty hippy now.


Tomorrow is Lucy’s last day of school.  We’re taking her out to eat after she gets out for a treat, and I ordered a metric ton of art supplies to get us through the next month before her class starts.  I also got a recycled craft book, and now we are saving damn near everything for projects–milk cartons, yogurt cups, tin cans, cracker boxes, you name it.  I desperately need a system for storing everything.  So desperately, in fact, I was dreaming about shopping for canvas bags last night.

And that, as they say, is that.

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It’s challenge time!  For the month of June, I am giving up soda and screwing around on the computer.  You know, the obsessive checking of email, flipping to my feed reader to see if anyone’s updated, generally roaming from site to site to site while the baby is sleeping.  No more, no more, no more.


On to the growing challenge–things are still growing.  I’m not sure we’re ever going to have anything to harvest, but the plants aren’t dead yet.  At least there’s that.


I don’t know if my foot is going to be ok enough to do CSA pick-up this week.  Or, I think I’ll probably not be able to.  It’s the first week, and I’m pretty bummed.  I’ll be happy when this whole mess is over.  I soaked it this morning and the salt stung like a bitch.  And I cried like a baby because honestly?  I don’t want to have to deal with this.  But by the end of the soak it didn’t sting as much, and Tylenol is helping the pain so it could be far worse.

And with that I’m off to put on a pot of tea and scare up some food.  Oh, wait!  Good news!  My Babyhawk got here and I tried it on yesterday, and it is awesome.  Chico fell asleep within ten minutes of being put in and my back felt great.  I love it.

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