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This is a big reason why I am baffled by any woman choosing to vote for McCain-Palin. Each item makes me fume, but I’m going to focus on the elephant in the room; choice.

Yes, a woman’s right to choose is one of my biggest issues.  It has been since Webster v. Reproductive Services.  The proceedings were covered extensively in the Washington Post and I read every word.  I remember, in my naive sort of way, thinking that a caring person would be against abortion because it sounded so drastic and how could anyone make a decision like that.  And then I talked to my mother about it and came to understand what it was like before Roe v. Wade.  How women sometimes got pregnant when they were unable to care for the baby.  How it was a tough decision to make, but sometimes it was the one that a woman needed to make.

From that time forward, I have been a staunch supporter of choice.  I’ve written letters, signed petitions, donated money, marched for choice.  I have read the Supreme Court transcripts of every major abortion court case up to Webster.  Hell, I have them in a book just in case I ever need to cite one.

And I get mad as hell when that choice is threatened by anyone who thinks it is their right to dictate if, when and how a woman should bear children.  I am mad as hell now.  To put it simply, I don’t care what your God or mama or itinerant Uncle Jim thinks about abortion.  It is a subject I will not debate.  Women should have the right to choose whether or not they will give birth.  If that offends you, that is your problem.  Period.

The Republicans have officially adopted the No Abortion For Any Reason position.  No rape, no incest, no mother’s life clauses.  Just No Abortion.  And I am gobsmacked that this has not gotten more publicity.

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Because it really does hurt all of us.

The fact is, I could give a fuck who anyone wants to win the primary.  I could give a fuck if you like Hillary or not.  I don’t want to hear about it, no matter your reasons.  BUT it is crucial to not be so blinded by our political preferences to ignore that these thinly veiled, ad hominem, gender-based attacks exist.  They are quite common, and they show that misogyny really is bubbling under the surface.  And I think it’s all too acceptable to be a misogynist these days.  And it makes me furious for me, you, and all of our sisters and mothers and especially daughters.

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Stupid stupid stupid stupid, arrogant, loud, self-centered, me-firsters are Riverdancing on my last nerve.  I don’t know how people deal with it.

1.  The big red truck coming down the street with the siren and lights?  That’s called a fire truck.  The firemen who ride on that truck put out fires.  You’re supposed to get out of their way when they come down the street because something is on fire.

2.   The smaller white vans with the sirens and lights?  Those are called ambulances.  People call ambulances when they need urgent medical care.  You’re supposed to get out of their way also, because someone is sick or injured.

3.  If you cannot wait at the stoplight for an extra 2 seconds before honking your horn, you should’ve left earlier.

4.  The octagonal signs with the white letters on them?  Those are stop signs.  S.T.O.P.  You need to come to a complete stop and check for pedestrians before proceeding into the intersection.  There are lines on the street that tell you where you are supposed to stop.  And no, just because you stopped when the car in front of you did does not mean you can follow that car into the intersection without stopping.

I am so serious, if one more asshole tries to run me over in an intersection because they are too important to stop at the stop sign I’m going to chuck whatever I’m carrying because I’m too important to have to hold my temper.  And everyone pray for me that we never need an emergency vehicle because we’d burn the hell up before a firetruck could get to our apartment.
I totally think we should rent out our balcony for driver’s ed classes.  It’s like textbook ‘how to drive like an asshole’ out there.

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We have neighbors upstairs who are, you know, THOSE sort of neighbors.  Soccer-playing-in-the-house, bellowing, run-from-one-end-to-the-other, obscenity-yelling, picture-hanging-at-midnight folks.  We have to nap with the tv on to drown out the sound of the father hollering at one or both of the two boys at roughly three-thirty every school day.  We don’t speak to them in the elevators.  We try to pretend they do not exist.  And then, last week, the unthinkable happened.  One of the boys embarked in the wild world of musical learning.  In the brass family.  We’re not sure which instrument since they all sort of sound alike in the beginning, and by ‘alike’ I do mean ‘loud’ and ‘vaguely flat.’

Thanks, people upstairs.  Really.  I won’t feel nearly as bad when we buy Lucy a drum set and suspend it from the ceiling.

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This explains better than I’ve ever been able to why America and the principles on which it was founded are so dear to my heart, and how I can be proud of what America was, but not what it is today.  I sincerely hope that we as a nation come to our senses and remember what our founding fathers wrought, and stop pissing on the system they so painstakingly created.

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655,000 dead in Iraq.

These two organizations work to help children who are victims of war. Raising Smiles is specific to Iraqi children, and my brother Joe is heavily involved with it. I couldn’t be prouder of him if I tried.

Each of the 655,000 is a person who has died. Think of how many more have been wounded. Feelings about the justness of the war are unimportant. This isn’t an idea, or an ideological argument for these people. This is what they wake up with every morning and go to bed with every night. They aren’t numbers, they are people who have just as much right to live in safety as the rest of us.

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I couldn’t really write about it until I knew Steinbrenner wasn’t going to do something boneheaded like canning Joe Torre, but as any Yankee fan will attest, this post season blew huge hairy balls.

No, not because we lost. Because of how we lost. By sucking.

A lot is made of the payroll, ‘buying’ championships, evil empire and all that rot. Do people really think that’s the problem? The problem is that nothing short of winning the World Series is good enough. Good baseball isn’t good enough if it doesn’t yield a big shiny ring. That’s bullshit.

As a Yankee fan, I’m pretty damn sick of being portrayed as a selfish, narcissistic, must-win asshole who knows nothing about baseball. I don’t give a crap if people don’t like the Yankees. There are plenty of teams I don’t like, or just don’t care about. It’s part of life. I am, however, sick of Steinbrenner’s antics being held up as the true nature of anyone who plays for or supports the Yankees. I don’t think the Orioles are evil because of Angelos, or the Giants because of Bonds. Likewise, hating individual Yankee players because of their salaries seems like an awful lot of sour grapes.
It is my honest opinion that these guys played so everloving horribly because of two things:
1. It is impossible to do your job well, or even adequately, when someone is breathing down your neck telling you it’s not enough. Goals, ie rings, are great but if you don’t achieve your goal, ie ring, you shouldn’t have to feel like the, say, 97 games you won were for naught.
2. Steinbrenner’s penchant for bringing aging stars on board is incredibly damaging. Think Kevin Brown. Think Sheff instead of bringing back Pettitte. Hell, I’d be tickled pinstripe if Jon Lieber and El Duque were still around. See a theme here?
Second part to this is that with so many big names often come big attitudes and set ways. This leads to teammates in name only, united by a common outfit. Not that there aren’t players who pal around and seem to have fun, but for the most part it doesn’t feel like these guys are a team.

I just want to be clear about something here. The Yankees didn’t play horribly because of Torre, or Damon laughing in the dugout at the brink of elimination, or because Jeter isn’t more buddy buddy with A-Rod, or because of ANY INDIVIDUAL PLAYER. They sucked because there is no credit for getting to the post season anymore. There is no credit for bouncing back from major injuries to retake the division lead. All there is is the relentless ‘anything less than everything is nothing’ attitude and it simply has to end, or we’ll be going through this every damn year until Steinbrenner kicks, and I don’t have that kind of patience. Sure, I want the Yankees to win, but they can’t do it all the time. They should be able to play a decent ball game, though, and that is my complaint with this postseason.

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