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Mmmmmmm.  C sauteed ours up in oil and merlot vinegar with red pepper and garlic, and they were delicious.

Lucy and I had a nice walk to the CSA pick up, and she has expressed interest in trying new foods again like we did last year with the farm share.  I don’t know if I can get her to try chard though.  She doesn’t do cooked veg except for a newfound love of steamed broccoli.

Otherwise, we are getting ready for a night out tomorrow for C and I,  followed by a weekend at Grandma’s for the kids and I.  Daddy gets to have a nice break from the rabble while I get to lounge beside a pool.  Fair trade, I think.  Of course, I’m going to need it by the time it rolls around because it’s packing time again, and this time I have another wee one to contend with.  I’ve gotten less ritualized about packing since we stopped flying, but I still have to have a good list going to get anything done, and my list is barely begun.  There is swimwear to handwash (I think I’ll introduce Lucy to No Impact Man’s bathtub stomp method to which I cannot find a direct link but it’s there somewhere and you should be reading his blog anyway.)  There is an apartment to ready to be cleaned (which is a gift from the gods this week, I swear.)  There is a me to ready for the dinner (I ordered a swanky new nursing dress so that I can nurse Chico right before I run out the door and as soon as I run back in because I’m not sure if he’s going to do a bottle but I haven’t tried it on.  Or pumped, for that matter.)  I threw out all of my makeup except for powder and lipstick so the temptation to get uber-made up will not be there.  My hair is such a mess that I can only pull it into a bun or leave it down.   I cannot wear shoes with a closed toe so I will be rocking my Birkenstocks, which is tacky but easier than trying to walk in the surgical shoe and a heel.  I refuse to buy new shoes, especially open-toe ones which I hate with a passion.  Am hoping nobody will be looking at my feet anyway.  All in all, it may very well be an occasion wherein I leave the house looking like a total mess.  Meh.  And, in between all that, we have laundry to do to take with us, a ton of greens to eat before we go, and Lucy has somewhere between 5 and 10 projects she wants to do.  It’s gonna be a busy day.

I would have gotten much of this done yesterday except we were making things.  Making things is far more fun than cleaning things or packing things.  A pox on responsibility.

In other news, I have a new mesclun sprout.  I don’t know how, or when, but it snuck up on me and was proudly standing up between the pot of vermicompost and an old newspaper.  This pot hasn’t been watered in months.  It’s like the Gardening Gods felt bad about my seed woes and sent a gift.  I also have several sprouts in the pot of vermicompost.  I don’t know what they are, though.  It looks like maybe cukes.  How about that.

Can you tell that I’m freaking out about getting everything done?  I don’t need coffee in the morning, I need oxygen.

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I am damn excited for summer.  Well, for now.  I reserve the right to be desperate for the summer program to start after a week of full-time, 2 kid parenting.

Last night, we sat up and drank wine on a Thursday without fearing the oversleep-Lucy-late-for-school.  It was embarrassingly divine.  Yes, I am that lame.  It wasn’t even particularly great wine, but it was local!  This morning we are lounging about in the clothes we slept in, and I do mean clothes.  I finally shoehorned Luce into bed at a little after 8, and I wasn’t about to argue over pajamas.  Chico was awake until close to 11, and by that time I was ready to pass out.  Sometimes you just gotta sleep where you fall.

Today we are going to make yogurt cup dolls, a bracelet and necklace for each other, and hopefully get our veggies planted in their for-good containers.  Then I am going to make a strawberry rhubarb pie again, only I am seriously tempted to attempt making my own pie crust.  I probably won’t though, because I’m chicken and besides, if it’s anything like last year, I’ll be the only one eating the damn pie anyway.  It was good, though.  Then we have local clams for dinner with a salad made from greens from the CSA.  Or maybe some kale steamed up, but I think I’m going to look for some other way to prepare it.  Have I mentioned how much I love clams?  I could live on ’em.   And to think, I was in my twenties before I beheld the glories of clam.

Wow, yet another entry wherein I say a whole lot of nothin’.  I just don’t have the attention span for any serious sorts of essays, but I’m hoping to again soon.  I had a mini-breakdown yesterday over feeling like maybe I’m not cut out for writing after all and should just stick to focusing on the copyediting/proofreading stuff.  And maybe I should, but I’d probably feel like I was missing out on something so I’m just taking a break from trying to write anything serious.  Also, sometimes there are things I just don’t feel like sharing, and it’s really tough to write about things I’m thinking about without addressing that stuff.  It’s tough; I know to write good nonfiction you have to be able to throw everything out on the page, but it’s hard with blogging to adhere to the other big rule, which is to get sufficient distance to be able to provide good analysis.  I’m right in the thick of some heavy thoughts, and I’m not able to analyze yet.  At least, not accurately.

A break will do everyone good, I think.  Lucy from school, me from killing myself over writing woes.

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Today is Lucy’s last day of school.  It is a bit melancholy; only last year I was terrified by the prospect of my baby being away from me all day after so many years of doing everything together, and now it seems strange that she won’t come home every afternoon beaming and glowing with tales from the front.  It’s going to take some time for us to adjust, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I am beside myself with excitement at the prospect of having time to spend with my little me.  We have a project picked out for tomorrow already–yogurt cup dolls–and then the playground on Saturday and Sunday, a Father’s Day extravaganza replete with a trip to the Museum of Natural History and a dinner ‘party’.  It has come out that ‘The Brother’ and I may not be invited to the museum, but I intend to shoehorn my way in there no matter what.  I am going through museum withdrawal since we ceased our weekly jaunts to the Met, and this is by far my favorite museum in the history of museums.

I am a bit nervous about her reaction to leaving school this afternoon, mostly because of Lucy’s attachment to her friends at school and the knowledge that most of her favorite schoolmates are either moving up to 1st Grade next year or heading to a different school.  Thankfully we have contact information for her initial best friends, although I may have to scramble around this afternoon to get same for her new best friends.  They have multiplied over the past week, as I recall they were apt to do as school draws to a close.  Man, I’m getting teary-eyed just thinking about how I sent my baby to school and she’s turned into a real little girl.  It’s a killer, but at the same time I am so proud of her, and so excited for her next year at school.  It doesn’t even seem daunting to socialphobe me to talk to other parents after school today to arrange getting kids together.  I reserve the right to change my tune if I have kids coming over for playdates*, however.

Maybe it is because I’ve never quite felt like a grown up, or maybe it’s just because I’m a sentimental fool, but I’m being flooded with reminders of school ending and the prospect of an entire summer or new experiences and I am downright excited.

*I certainly hope we will have kids coming by because as I was boxing up the stuff we’ve been saving for crafts, I realized that either we need a new bookcase to absorb finished projects or they are going to have to be sent on outta here.  For the time being, it’s a great excuse to cull some more books from our many bookshelves.  I’m lousy at moderation, truly.  At the very least, though, we have enough of everything that Lucy and I can both make stuff, which is really fun.  I’m glad I’ve gotten over the urge to make the apartment look like a magazine, which was never going to happen anyway, because I’ve really enjoyed making things with Lucy.  Sometimes now I even get the urge when she’s not here to cut and paste or color.  I think that has to be good for the soul, right?

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in no particular order:

  • my son has discovered the fine art of dropping things over the side of his exersaucer to be picked up
  • it’s too damn hot
  • Euro ’08!
  • it’s still too damn hot
  • I really have cut out all of that random dicking around online
  • it’s really freaking hot
  • I ❤ naps with the Chico

And I’m not going to be around today either because not only did our bananas hatch fruit flies (sweet lord I hate fruit flies and they aren’t entrapping themselves in the cider vinegar I set out) but we also have a ton of greens from CSA to be washed.  The upside is I’m going to have a salad large enough to bathe in for lunch today, though.

I have cheated on the soda end of the Quit Now challenge but I don’t feel so bad about that because it was a sort of afterthought.


We broke down yesterday and turned on the a/c because brick buildings with lots of sun before noon get really hot, even with blinds closed and near-nakedness.  I tried to compensate by keeping most everything else turned off but it really doesn’t balance out usage-wise.  I was surprised that I seemed to handle the heat better last year (pregnant) than this year (nursing.)  I suppose it’s unfair to compare seeing as this was ridiculous heat.


I broke down and spent a mad amount of money on a pair of Birkenstocks last week since I won’t be able to wear closed toe shoes for a while and I abhor flip flops and all of my other sandals are less than functional for regular walking.  It was nicer than you can imagine to walk around in a matching pair of shoes yesterday.  It had been a week and a half of surgical shoe on one foot, slipper on the other and I was well over it.  I think I am officially a dirty hippy now.


Tomorrow is Lucy’s last day of school.  We’re taking her out to eat after she gets out for a treat, and I ordered a metric ton of art supplies to get us through the next month before her class starts.  I also got a recycled craft book, and now we are saving damn near everything for projects–milk cartons, yogurt cups, tin cans, cracker boxes, you name it.  I desperately need a system for storing everything.  So desperately, in fact, I was dreaming about shopping for canvas bags last night.

And that, as they say, is that.

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First, happy belated to all of the fine mamas that habituate my comment section.  Y’all have some lucky kids!

I had a long conversation at the in-laws yesterday about blogging and I walked away a little peeved.  It was compared to standing on a soapbox in the park, which rankled me.  See, you can play your guitar on the subway and be a musician, or sell your paintings outside of the Met and be an artist.  For there to be no equivalent for writing goes to show how little people value it as a means of creative expression.


I got Lucy a sewing book that came on Saturday and I am so very excited about getting a sewing basket set up and trying out some of the projects.  I used to love handsewing as a little kid.  I think I still will, actually.  I don’t know where this whole artsy-fartsy kick is coming from but it’s been a lot of fun.  I made Lucy a  beaded necklace on Friday, and then yesterday we transplanted half of our peppermint seedlings to give to Grandma for Mother’s Day which I really enjoyed (in spite of the big pile of soil on my living room floor.)


Speaking of potting, our second worm bin should be here today or tomorrow.  Then we can get to work planting the seedlings that are staying inside.  I’m waiting on the outside plants until Memorial Day.  My MIL gave me a pot of mini-roses that I need to find a place for as well.  They are really lovely.  I hope I don’t do them in like I usually do with flowering plants.  Although my oxalis has managed to bloom for the 3rd year (no thanks to anything I have done.)  Bean thinks the roses are fabulous.  I wish I could get a photo of him delicately sniffing the blooms; he looks most refined.


Our CSA is going to have meat/egg/honey deliveries this year!  I am so excited!  We may actually make 70% local 25% bulk over the summer!  I have sorely been neglecting my poor Riot numbers.  It’s the tracking of the trash and the saving of the food receipts.  As far as I can tell, we’ve completely stagnated numbers-wise and I’m not sure if I want to take up tracking again.  I may do a few extra months to make up for the ones I didn’t track, or I may just write a huge wrap-up of the first year at the end of this month and start fresh on June 1.  As I see it, I’m not ready to be finished with the project despite my horrible tracking.  Or, maybe more accurately, I think we have more work to do.


I should have done my proofreading over the weekend and now I’m stuck with rushing through this morning.  I should know better…

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Ok, so this is a bit of an exaggeration.  It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed having Lucy home, but more that I have seriously missed doing things in relative quiet.  Like washing dishes.  Or going to the bathroom.  Or sleeping.  Or, as right now, taking a bit of goof-off time on the computer.

I’ll be honest.  I’m mighty sick of hearing, ‘Mommy!’  I need a little bit of time, in the apartment, to myself.  Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.  And, yes, I will be back to missing her by Wednesday.

In the meantime, I am feeling like there are so many things I wanted to do with her over this break that we didn’t get around to, so my mind is going a million miles an hour, trying to sort out what we have time for and what we’ll most enjoy.  My first plan, making soup together, was shot down viciously, which is a problem as the soup ingredients need to be used pronto.  There is a no-sew fleece blanket we started making last week, but that sort of fizzled out interest-wise.  It’s too chilly for a trip to the playground.  None of the seeds have gotten here yet (and I was really counting on at least some of them coming during the break.)   This means we’re down to either making bath salts or an outing to the Good Grocery.  Wish me luck!

Speaking of the Good Grocery, I’m going to try to cut out the Fresh Direct order.  As I was hauling ten pounds of cardboard down to the bulk trash/recycling room, it struck me that close to half of our weekly recycling is cardboard.  Obviously, much of this load was from the Earthbox (two boxes!  Crazy!) and the water jug and the old box from the fleece, but the other half was Fresh Direct boxes.  I mostly order from them because of the selection of local produce, but factoring in the delivery gasoline as well as the cardboard, I’m not so sure it doesn’t make more sense to buy at the conventional grocery until I can get to the Greenmarket regularly/CSA starts up.  I’m going to skip the order this week and see if there’s any way to buy local locally.  That would surely be nicer.

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I ordered some seeds today–I’m only going to attempt herbs from seed to start.  I decided on oregano, sweet basil, Italian parsley, peppermint (for tea) and lavender because I’m suddenly a lavender junky.  Lucy is rather enamored with a pillow I have that is stuffed with dried lavender so hopefully we can make one for her.

Make a sachet pillow…who am I?

I was thinking today, in between handwashing dishes and scrubbing down the litter box (no, I didn’t hurt myself,) I’ve come a really long way in the past year.  I’ve not only changed the way I do things like laundry and dishes, but I’ve changed the way I think about the things I do. This is so cool to me!

Speaking of making stuff, tomorrow is the St. Patrick’s Day extravaganza so we’re making shit up a storm.  C and Lucy are making nuggets now, with mac and cheese to come.  Then I have to cut up the veggies and make the dip.  I am cursing myself for deciding to make a flag of Ireland out of broccoli, cauliflower and carrot.  Not because it’s hard, mind, just because I am going to have to run around in the morning getting things together and dressing me and the baby and generally stressing out because, hello?   Someone has to act like a crazy person.  At least this is how folks in my family do holidays 😉

Can you believe I’m making a fucking flag out of vegetables?  I’m such a dork.  I’d like to think this is a nicer way of honoring my Irish ancestors than, say, dying shit beer with green food coloring.  Truthfully though?  It’s more a way of honoring my grandmother, who would totally make a flag out of veggies for a bunch of kids and who I never understood why she couldn’t just thwap stuff on a plate like other people but who is my inspiration in a lot of things I do (even the eco stuff, which she thinks is a bunch of hooey.)

Chico, on the other hand, is cool with the eco stuff but thinks this whole party prep is just another a way that the baby is kept from realizing his ultimate goal of nursing every half hour.  It’s no wonder this kid is so huge; all he does is eat.

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