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I made the mistake of saying ok to a large, second proofing project and I am really regretting it today.  Not only does it mean no tech-free Thursday (due tomorrow morning) but it means I don’t get to haul out to Goodwill to root through baby clothes for my behemoth who is now firmly in 12 month size.  At five months.  The five month old who is also nursing every hour as though in the throes of some new growth spurt.


I am taking a wee break for this here confessional, and to give a hearty woohoo about my first teensy mesclun sprouts, which are about the only thing *not* working every nerve in my body.  Meanwhile, my big break for the day is to run out to the drugstore for Neosporin.  Oh, how I wish I was less responsible.  Goodwill will have to wait for the week after next, and I’m afraid I cannot have a tech-free day this week without printing out a massive report to proof.

And I’m hungry.

Radical Mama, I swear I have your box ready save one other diaper cover I found what needs washed.  I’m hoping to get to the UPS store on Monday.   I’m so sorry it’s taking so long.

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  • I did not do tech-free day this week.  I forgot again this morning, and Sat/Sun are sport days so next week it is.
  • I did get my mesclun planted.
  • I did not get to the bulk foods store today
  • I did get all of Chico’s diapers washed and hung to dry.
  • I did not get Radical Mama’s box off but I did get it packed up!
  • I did change the biggest, nastiest poop-up-the-back diaper that exploded onto the cover and sleeper
  • I did not make my husband deal with the aftermath
  • I did get eggs boiled to dye.  They are cooling now.  We’re going to use blueberries and turmeric to dye, plus regular food coloring.  I’m excited to experiment!
  • I did not do a blessed thing for the equinox yesterday.  Unless you count ordering seeds, of course.  I meant to but as usual, got completely sidetracked.

C and Lucy are making falafel tonight!  I’m starving!  I feel like I’ve been running around like mad (in a good way) but I’m not sure what all I’ve done.

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I got up this morning, heated up some coffee, turned on the computer, and was through checking my email before I opened up my calendar and realized it was Thursday.  The one where I’ve pledged to not use technology.  Shit.

So this week it’s going to be tech-free Friday.  I mean, today will be mostly tech free anyway but I might as well do a full day.

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Or a drive-by posting as the case may be.  BTW, that’s one of my favorite lines in a movie and I’m not sure exactly why.

Anywho, back here at Command Center Mommy, it’s conference day so I only have a few minutes before I have to scrape the baby goo off of me and work up the courage to load my 18 pound menace into the pouch to lug on the subway.  No wait, forget about the subway.  Try up and down the subway stairs.  Yeouch.

Technology Free Thursday was fantastic.  I didn’t get any planting done, but there was a minor miracle.  Last night, as I sat on the couch nursing my son, I looked around the apartment and felt…good.  As in, it looks good in here.  Clean.  Tidy.  Not perfect, but perfectly acceptable.  I do not think I have ever had this feeling about this apartment.  There has always been something more to do before I’m satisfied, whereas now, even this morning, there is more to do but I am satisfied with what I have accomplished.  Boy howdy is this ever a good feeling.

The big project I undertook yesterday was cleaning out all of the toiletries and cosmetics that are of indeterminate age.  See, for about a year (probably the whole of 2005,) I made weekly trips to the Body Shop, Sephora, the drug store, wherever I could.  And I bought everything from pedicure sets to miracle stretch mark treatments to hair dye.  Tons and tons of it.  Enough that this crap had taken over my medicine cabinet as well as the one in C’s bathroom, under his sink, and partially under my sink.  And it was compulsive purchasing, as evidenced by the box of hair dye I found that was actually my.hair.color.  Like the one on my head.  WTF was I thinking?

I was thinking that there was something wrong with me.  That I was somehow lacking because I’m not the type to wax and primp and preen and mani/pedi and all that rot.  That I wasn’t a ‘real woman’ because I didn’t spend 6 hours a day on my beauty regime.  And so, as I hauled all of these boxes and bottles and tubes out of their various hidey-holes, I started to feel pretty shitty, because there’s still a voice in the back of my head that has been conditioned to believe that if you’re a girl, you’re supposed to like to make yourself pretty.  And I’m just not like that.  I mean, I like to dress up as much as the next person, but not every day.

And so a lot of it went into the trash.  Expired make-up, creams that had been opened, used once, and left for dead 3 years ago.  Hair dye I couldn’t even remember buying.  Nail polishes that had separated.  Two goddamn bags’ worth.  Holy freaking waste.

The nice thing about it, though, is that after I got all teary about what a basketcase I had been, and subsequently reassured myself that I really have accepted that I am not a frilly girly girl and I’m happier not being, I organized all of my make-up brushes and set up a cosmetics case with pedicure stuff for Lucy.  I arranged all of the newer lotions and the like that have been given to me so that I can actually use them.  And I bid farewell to the two trash bags and the baggage they carried.

It’s terribly unsustainable both to have made those purchases and to have thrown them away.  I’m not proud of the waste, but I’m even less proud of how hard I was on myself.  Maybe this is why I was able to finally enjoy the progress I’ve made on the apartment–I do not want to become that woman again, the one who doesn’t think she’s pretty enough (woman enough).  Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m not smart enough or motivated enough, and it’s really no better than when I was trying to buy my way to a prettier me.  And so I’ll eat the trash figures for the sake of clearing my space of negativity.  I think it’s worth every pound.

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Was awakened as usual by my daughter the alarm clock.  Lounged about in bed, nursing Chico until Lucy finished breakfast and then changed Chico’s soaky dipe.  Tossed it into the diaper pail and we all cuddled for 15 minutes or so, until Chico peed all over everything.  I stuck a towel on the wet spot and headed for the kitchen.  I plugged the coffee maker in, dumped the grounds into the compost cup, and brewed a pot of coffee.  Usually this is when I boot up the computer, so I had to catch myself on the way out of the kitchen.  I decided to make some hot cereal instead, and again caught myself, this time reaching for the microwave.  I put the kettle on instead.  I poured myself a cup of coffee and put the rest in the carafe, unplugging the coffeemaker again.  I ate my oatmeal standing at the sink, put my bowl in the dishwasher, and went looking for Lucy to make sure she had gotten dressed.  Was greeted by a diapered but ready to nurse again baby.

C took Lucy to school while I fed Chico, who fell back asleep.  I strapped him into the car seat and got to work preparing for the cleaning woman.  I emptied and wiped down the litter box, cleaned up the scum from the adjacent floor and door.  I hand washed a stock pot and skillet.  Took the wash off of the drying racks and put it away.  Stripped the wet sheets off of the bed.  Sipped my coffee as I dumped the worm food into the bin.  Generally ran around like a madwoman trying to accomplish all of the niggling little tasks I make lists of while taking care of the baby.

By 10:30-ish, Chico wakes up.  I nurse him again, and steal some reading time.  It’s remarkably tough to sit on the couch without the television on, and I’m starting to realize how often I just turn it on for the sake of noise.  Feel bad about this.  MIL calls and is going to stop by this afternoon, which will take Lucy’s mind off of playdate that isn’t going to happen.  I get dressed and go to grocery store for odds and ends.  Walking in silence, without iPod, is weird.  I feel a little self-conscious on the way there without my right hand jammed in my pocket hitting the forward button to skip songs.  It’s more normal on the way back.  I say hello to some women I run into in the laundry room from time to time.  I probably would’ve just nodded or not noticed at all if I had music blaring.  I get in a little more reading.  Spurred on by MIL asking how big Chico is now, I weigh myself with and without him and do a little quick math. He’s just shy of 18 lbs.  Make mental note to order diaper covers in next size up and feel better that old ones are tight.  Realize there is a whole bunch of clothes that he’s outgrown.  Again.

Nice visit with MIL.  I have a good little conversation with her about suffering from ‘What Will People Think’ syndrome–a topic for another blog entry.  Lucy gets home from school and we all sit in her room where she creates an impromptu restaurant.  We’re talking too much so she kicks me and the baby out of the room to have some one-on-one time with Grandma.  Chico and I head to the kitchen to watch C cook.

MIL leaves as dinner finishes cooking and we sit down at the dining room table to eat–salmon steaks and asparagus for the grown-ups, nuggets and green beans for Lucy, who finds the salmon ‘too sweet’ and the asparagus ‘too savory.’  Roll eyes.  After dinner and tucking Lucy in and soothing Chico who is indignant that he has been relegated to the stroller so that we can eat, I load the dishwasher and accidentally start it up.  I had intended to wait until this morning.  Oops.

Put Chico on a blanket on the floor and plop down next to him with my book and a beer.  Read a little, nurse a little, talk to my mom, wash out poopy diapers in toilet, put away laundry, etc.  Eat some truffles and it’s time for bed.

Next week I think I’ll try to either get out of house for a time or set up projects so that it’s not so tempting to plop in front of a screen.  All in all, I definitely got more done than I usually do, and it really wasn’t painful or anything.  I did make a beeline for the computer this morning though.

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Honestly.  I even have Lucy on board–we’ll read books instead of watching Crocodile Hunter after dinner.

I’ve finished my proofing and sent it on.  The cell phone is parked on the counter (is it cheating to use it for my alarm?  I’ll see how I feel about that tomorrow since I’m almost off to bed…)  I’ve mentally prepared to keep myself busy without the computer or television.  It’s going to be really interesting to see if I can really get more done without these distractions.  I bet I do.


Lucy decided tonight that she wants to ‘stop using too much electricity’ by keeping her ‘big light’ on while she sleeps.  What a cutie.  This should help us get down below 8 kWh per day, I hope.  This is a huge challenge, electricity reduction.  It’s going to take a bunch of little steps to whittle it down, but I think we can get to 7 kWh.  I just don’t know how.


Tonight my son is a crankypants monsterbaby.  But he’s still pretty damn cute.

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