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  • My God, kids *need* all the time.  I think my head would explode if I got to change a diaper without the baby demanding to nurse while his sister calls me from the other room.
  • I currently have enough lettuce in my fridge to choke a rabbit and neither kid eats the stuff.  I’m going to overdose on salad.
  • Today I walked 2.3 miles and am more tired than I should be.  I need to start doing this more often before it gets stupid hot.
  • Strawberries!  One pint is already gone.  I’m going to have some more with the homemade flan once C gets home.
  • I think my new favorite thing is when people agree with me.  How sad is that?

That’s all I got, folks.  Pleas for attention, a fridge full of lettuce, sore calves and an inflated ego.  And flan.  Can’t forget the flan.

Oh also?  I have bok choy I need to prepare ASAP and no clue what to do with it.  Any ideas?

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Ok, here goes.

  • gasoline–0 gal
  • transit elec–10 kWh
  • trash–24 lbs
  • recycling–16.5 lbs
  • consumer goods–363.64
  • food local–13%
  • food bulk–10%
  • food wet–77%
  • 2 dryer loads (1 H, 1 L), 6 washer loads (2 warm, 4 cold)

Ok, so good and not good, as usual.  I weighed an average trash bag and found that it came out at 3 lbs rather than 4, so have altered all of my March numbers to reflect this.  Consumer goods numbers include a ton of Riot expenses–seeds, soil, self watering container, seed starting goods, and a used book on container veggies.  Also new shoes (my feet grew this pregnancy and I tore up my big toe wearing too-small ones), a bunch of books for the kids and for me, new pressed powder since I had to chuck mine and conditioner since Lucy and I ran out.  Food expenses include the St. Pat’s extravaganza at Lucy’s school wherein we fed 20 kids.  Lots of non-local that wouldn’t have been purchased were it not for that.  Am hoping to start Greenmarketing again on Wednesday.  Cross fingers for good weather!

Next week should be better on the food and consumer goods front since I have nothing to buy and since we’re only feeding ourselves.  I’m hoping trash stays down as well, although recycling will be up again due to arrival of many planting packages.  We should still be at 0 gas, and transit will be low because of Spring Break.

It’s now been over 2 weeks since I stopped eating red meat and dairy.  I cheated with dairy the day before yesterday (C brought home Dunkin’ Donuts coffee with milk) but Chico’s gas n’ poop made me regret it but good.  Turns out I really like soy milk anyway, so no big deal.  The thing I really miss, however, is cheese.  What do people eat who don’t eat cheese?  I really don’t want to get into a bunch of pre-packaged food but I crave quick foods with some ‘meat’ to them and honestly, I’m not that big on eating white meat more than once every few days.  I’ve had some luck with peanut butter and also beans  slaking the urge for something with substance, but I never remember to soak beans in enough time and peanut butter gets kind of old.  HELP!  I’d hate for this to result in me eating more meat than before I quit red meat!   I don’t really cook but I can make basic stuff.

I’m off to dye eggs.  Cross fingers all come out ok because my egg-dyeing is competing for Lucy’s attention with Lego Star Wars!

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